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Have You Heard About Software 4 Students ? A Competition Giveaway

I am really excited about this competition.  I am going to make this an easy one though, as its so fabulous.

Any student can use the Company, which is endorsed by Microsoft as an outlet to sell educational versions of their products.  These are NOT the shortened versions that people used to buy for students and small businesses.  They are the full software packages, that can be bought by the families of children at school, or adults who are students themselves.  I have bought twice, and I absolutely love that the software is the full version when you get it.

Because they are full versions, the winner of this competition will have to adhere to the terms and conditions set by eg Microsoft, and I think that is a fair deal to get the full software at such fabulous prices.  The software is much cheaper than we could buy it for, but it will be restricted to the amount of computers it can be used on, and it is limited to non-commercial use.   You can choose to download it, or the software can be sent to you on a disk.

To buy Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus  from Software4Students, I would be  £37.89.  To buy the package from PC World today it would be £349.95.  That is a huge saving, and it includes the whole suite of software, including the full versions or Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Communicator and Infopath.

That is a lot of software.

The easiest way to let you know what it is exactly that they do, is to give you a short summary from them.   I have a giveaway at the end, so stick with reading.

Software4Students offers students of all ages, their parents and teachers the opportunity to make huge savings of up to 90% in software costs.

Software4Students started as a pilot program in 2005 helping disadvantaged schools to minimise the digital divide and boost social mobility, providing students with low cost opportunities to enhance their digital skillsets. Due to the success of the program it was extended it to all students and their families in the UK and Ireland, to help students prepare for their future and compete in the demanding technology–led world.

The Software4Students portfolio of products includes software from popular manufacturers like Microsoft, Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5, Kaspersky antivirus software and more. The offering has proved to be hugely successful in the past few years, being endorsed by many positive mentions on different media like The Guardian UK and a massive following of over thirteen thousand people on Facebook.

In addition to their existing offers, Software4Students has recently launched bundled packages of software that lead to even bigger savings when buying software together. And as if all of this was not enough good news for the education and parenting community, Software4Students are also giving customers the chance to win one of the hottest tablets in the market each week for the month of September when they purchase any Adobe product through their site.


Software4Students has authorised the winners choice of any 1 of the software from Microsoft below.   The winner must be able to meet the  Terms and Conditions for students, parents and teachers.   The closing date is 29th October 2011.

> Office 2010
> Windows 7 Upgrade
> Microsoft Maths
> Microsoft Expression Studio
> Microsoft Project Pro

I know the one I would be picking if it was me, but it’s not me – so what do you have to do to win one of these fab pieces of software?  I told you it would be easy, so all I am going to ask you to do is the following.

  • Follow me on @scottish_mum on Twitter
  • Follow @studentsoftware on Twitter
  • Leave a comment saying which product you would choose and why.  (Software4Students will help choose a winner)
  • Leave your contact details, eg twitter user name, so that if you win I can contact you.
  • Tweet this
    “I entered to win Microsoft Software from @studentsoftware with @scottish_mum at “
Thats it – it is easy as pie.  After the 29th October, we will pick a winner.  The winner will be notified via the contact details in the comment.    If I can’t contact you within 3 days of the competition finishing, I will redraw an alternative winner.    Find out more about Software4Students on their Website, or talk to them on Facebook or Twitter.

Good Luck
Scottish Mum