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A Birthday Present

Here is what the men in my life gave me for my birthday. It’s definitely not the Ipad2 I was hinting for.

They sent me packing to the shower block while they set up what they bought for me.

– Two little bunches of flowers.
– Ferrero Rocher AND Maltesers.
– A lovely cake and balloons.
– A Tesco best Easter bunny.
– Pile of balloons.

Reality check. I am not into fluffy soft toys, chocolate makes me ill but I can’t help eating it so it keeps me fat. And we are in a touring caravan for a week so surface space is precious.

Let’s get down to basics. I suspect the Easter bunny is for youngest, the Ferrero Rochers are for dad, cake for the kids and I know the balloons are for playing outside, so that leaves me with the maltesers and the flowers.

I have hugged the kids to bits for arranging it all, and I will thoroughly enjoy the extra half inch which is going to settle on my hips this evening!!!!!!!!

Ps. I must improve my hinting skills this year.


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Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to myself,
Happy birthday to me.

I have a problem. I forgot to buy myself a birthday card for the kids to give to me. I now have to find some time to sneak away from the Peg, find a shop and try to bring one back without them seeing it. Then I have to make myself scarce so that they can write out for me.

This is going to be tricky. My husband is card averse. He won’t buy them. His sister would never get one if I didn’t buy it, write it and send it. I usually get my mum to sit with the kids and write out my card.

As we are away in the Peg this week, I need your patience with my uncorrected spelling and grammar, as I am using the wordpress application to post with. Apologies now for any glaring bloopers in the next 7 days.

It’s tax relief day today, and I am older than I want to be, but I am strangely looking forward to what the day is going to bring. I may not have any presents, (and if I get one, believe me, I will blog it) but I will have my boys around me, and I intend to spoil them for the day.

In other news, it is very windy and we are in our tin tent. This kind of weather always makes me breathe a sigh of relief that the walls are not canvas.