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A Birthday Present

Here is what the men in my life gave me for my birthday. It’s definitely not the Ipad2 I was hinting for.

They sent me packing to the shower block while they set up what they bought for me.

– Two little bunches of flowers.
– Ferrero Rocher AND Maltesers.
– A lovely cake and balloons.
– A Tesco best Easter bunny.
– Pile of balloons.

Reality check. I am not into fluffy soft toys, chocolate makes me ill but I can’t help eating it so it keeps me fat. And we are in a touring caravan for a week so surface space is precious.

Let’s get down to basics. I suspect the Easter bunny is for youngest, the Ferrero Rochers are for dad, cake for the kids and I know the balloons are for playing outside, so that leaves me with the maltesers and the flowers.

I have hugged the kids to bits for arranging it all, and I will thoroughly enjoy the extra half inch which is going to settle on my hips this evening!!!!!!!!

Ps. I must improve my hinting skills this year.


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Present

    1. Thank you. Has been a quick day and I am tweeting rather too much lol.

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