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Smart Shopping: How to Find the Perfect Used Car for Your Family

Getting your kids around from the Brighton seafront to school to activities can be challenging.

Popping to the shop for those last minutes supplies needed for cake and bake sales, unexpected dress up days
and other similar appeals which children love to let us know about at the last moment, means
that having a car is a must for many mums who don’t have reliable access to public transport.

New cars cost a lot and bring other associated expenses with them, some of which are tied
to the cost price, making second-hand cars a good option for many mothers.

Here’s how you can find the perfect used car for your family.

Why It is sensible to buy a used car from a dealer.

Before you start looking seriously for a car to buy, make sure you do some market research
first. How much are other used cars going for? What is a realistic budget for you, and what kind
of car will that get you?

Consider other points:


  • How many children will you be expected to fit into the car on a regular basis?
  • How much baggage will the family carry about as normal?

These two questions will help you work out what size vehicle you need, which can help to narrow it down to a select few makes and models.


  • Volvos, famously, regularly win awards for vehicle safety, making them the perfect car for young families.
  • It is useful to research if there are any other makes and models that are particularly good for transporting young children, or alternatively, whether there are any models that you should actively avoid.

Luxury Levels

  • When you are buying second-hand vehicles, you can sometimes allow yourself a measure of luxury, due to the comparatively lower prices of used cars.
  • Doing some research before you commit to a serious search for the car, can teach you about some options that you otherwise might not have considered.

Once you have narrowed down some options you can buy used cars in Brighton, when you visit
KAP Motor Group
– whether your needs are very specific (make, model, colour) or if you
have a vague sense that you need a ‘bigger car, something like an estate’.

In almost all cases, you are better off buying your new-to-you vehicle from a reputable second-hand car
dealer rather than a private sale or using an auction site. This is because dealers have fixed
premises, and actively enjoy working in the second-hand car market, matching people with
their dream car for less cost than might be expected.

And then you can hit Brighton Beach in style, letting your children know that you really are the cool mum!

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