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Babybel Nuggets Recipe

A little lockdown favourite that my son makes.  Cheese is such a versatile ingredient to use in cooking of all kinds, and Babybel adapts well as a replacement for meat in this type of fast food dish.

He loves cheese, and he loves fried food.  He had a go at these, just because he could.  I took some pictures along the way, as it seemed to be a nice simple dish.

He makes them in the same way as for other nuggets, but simply using small Babybel cheese rounds instead of chicken or fish.

‘Best nuggets ever,’ he says.  He would say that, since he made them…….

Babybel Nuggets 


He didn’t measure these, so just use as much as needed, and use 1 egg at a time, giving it a quick whisk in the bowl with a fork.

  • Babybel Cheese
  • Egg
  • Flour
  • Ruskoline
  • Cooking Oil

Method – Pictures Below:

Step 1

Peel the Babybel Cheese.

Step 2

Prepare three small bowls.  One with flour, one with beaten egg and the last one with ruskoline.

Dip the individual Babybel Cheese rounds into the flour first to dry it, then into the beaten egg, rolling it around until fully covered, then into the ruskoline to coat the cheese.  He used gloves as it’s a messy business making nuggets.

Step 3

He used a small egg pan with about half to three quarters of an inch of cooking oil, pre heated, and fried three or four at a time for a few minutes each side, on a medium heat.

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  1. Lovely recipes. I tried it. My baby also like this.

    Chicken and Fish

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