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10 Quick and Easy Dishes for the Busy Festive Season

This time of year is always difficult to manage juggling kids, work, elders, shopping, leisure time, chores and so much more.  I find myself running around like a headless chicken trying to sort everything out.  I get home after 5, then the thought of food isn’t always the first thing on my mind, but there are hungry teens to feed, and they like plenty food.   Making burgers and soups is something I do often, as they are just so filling as the teens all like to fill up on meat, preferably in a bun, and I like something more light in the evening.  These are my top picks of quick snacks from my recipes for this xmas.  Enjoy.

1 Home Made Burgers with Red and Orange Peppers

A fabulous meal and make quickly and easily from simple mince, fill up bellies with the wholesome goodness of red and green peppers, and make a healthy fast food option.

2 Cheesy Meatball Muffins

Made from mince, onions and cheese, with some seasoning, this is one of the simplest recipes around.  Fast and a change to regular mince options.

3 Egg Pizza with Ham and Tomato

Been shopping and looking for a recipe to quickly fill an empty belly?  Egg pizza is easy and any fridge ingredients do the trick.  Don’t stick to just ham or tomato.  Get creative and add anything you have.  Chicken, beef, peppers, onions, meatballs, mushroom and much more.

4 Garlic and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

One of my favourites, this takes little to no time to make at all.  Don’t miss out on great food when you’re busy.

5 Vegetarian Haggis Soup

I made this in a soupmaker, but it works just as easily in a pot.  Just cook the vegetables in the stock first, then add in the haggis until piping hot by following the instructions on your haggis pack.  This is lush and filling, making a whole meal in a pot.

6 Coconut and Lime Soup

This was incredibly popular when I first posted it.  A really unusual flavour to a simple soup, making the day aromatic and fragrant.

7 Fresh Limeade

Lovely and refreshing after a long tiring day.  Light and zesty.

8 Raw Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream

Have chopped bananas and strawberries in the fridge, and follow this recipe for some lush deliciousness.  Best eaten freshly made, with the bananas adding a luxurious creaminess.

9 Strawberry Cheesecake

A good favourite of the kids.  The colours look lovely and it’s speedy to make.  Good enough for a dinner party.

10 Sugar Free Chocolate Mint Avocado Mousse

I can’t finish without something chocolately.  A little more work involved here, but it’s soo worth it.  A recipe by kitchen sanctuary, this is well worth a try.

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  1. These are some great options especially the coconut and lime soup. I’ve never had both of these flavours together and cannot wait to try what they’ll taste like!

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