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Fun Family Activities For Days Off In Scotland

Finding activities for your family to do on your days off can be quite difficult when you’ve lived in the same place for a while. If you live in Scotland or are planning on visiting soon, then you’ll find that there are a lot of outdoor activities that you can take part in. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the fun family activities that you can do in Scotland. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

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High Ropes 

Our first activity that your kids will love is a high ropes course. You’ll find that there are plenty of high ropes courses across Scotland with most of them being hosted by Go Ape! High ropes courses will teach your kids to be brave and they’ll love the adventure of the day. There will be swings, high jumps and much more. Don’t worry about the safety aspect as they’ll be harnessed in.


If your family like a bit of adventure, then they’ll love going kayaking in Scotland. There are loads of lochs and bodies of water that you can do this on and you’ll have the best time doing it. If you have kids that are quite young, then you’ll find that you can actually get tandem kayaks where two people can be together. This will help you and your family get closer to nature and you’ll bond at the same time. Make sure to check out if you’d like to find out more about what kayak to purchase for the activity you’re going to be doing, for example fishing kayaking or sea kayaking.

Mountain Biking

Another great activity that you can enjoy on your day off with your kids is mountain biking. If your kids love cycling, then they’ll love this new take on it. There are plenty of mountains in Scotland that you can take them up and if they are too young to ride a mountain bike then you could invest in a trailer. This activity is really fun, and you’ll love getting some amazing views and taking in the fresh air. Make sure to try out mountain biking if you want to try something new.

Rock Climbing

Although you might want to get out and explore the outdoors with your family on your day off, the weather does not always permit it. The great thing about rock climbing is that you can do it both indoors and outdoors, so you won’t have to cancel your day out because of the weather. You’ll find loads of rock climbing centres in Scotland and your kids will love climbing the colourful walls while they are harnessed in. Makes sure to consider this activity for your next day off.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of different activities that you can enjoy when you take the time to do your research.  Make sure to get out and enjoy the adventure in Scotland when you have your next day off. You’ll be able to spend time with your family and enjoy yourself.

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