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Review: Bahlsen Minis

We received some new samples this week, of the Bahlsen Mini range.  My kids tend to like these as they’re easily eaten, and we loved our Christmas samples, so although my boys had to wait a few days until I had time to take some pictures, the packets didn’t hang around for long.  My youngest had some pals around, and for early evening snack, these did the job perfectly, although I had to grab some of my favourites before they were demolished by teenage boys.

My favourites were the Waffle Minis, which are crispy mini wafer rolls, the ones in the centre in this picture.  Light and crispy, they’re more like a sweetie than a biscuit.  Perfect.

My eldest preferred the Messino Minis, with the soft sponge, orange fruit filling and dark chocolate on the top.

Available in Tesco.

Thanks to Bahlsen for our samples.

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