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Charity: Are you brave enough to let your child style you for a day on 10th June 2016?

I often get asked to help publicise events for charities, and I do pick some to share with you all, especially where I think they’re relevant to much of my audience.   The UK’s largest breast cancer charity asked me to write about a new fundraising event they have coming up in a few days…

Style a Child 1

The Very First Styled By a Child Day, is on Friday 10th June 2016.  

What that means, is having some fun with your child, and letting them give you a makeover, which they’ve styled in their own taste, after rooting through your wardrobe.  And you remain like that for the day.  It could be a fun challenge for some of you.  I remember one of my boys doing my make up when he was three.  Going on the school run like that, would have raised some eyebrows, for sure.  Mine are too old for this now, but many of you might enjoy getting involved.

Style a Child 2


To raise money for Breast Cancer Now, and help fund research into the disease, to help them achieve their aim, that by 2050, nobody will die from breast cancer.


Style a Child 4

Let your kids choose your clothes, accessories, and even make-up, if you’re brave enough to let them.

Family and friends, as well as relatives and neighbours might be tempted to sponsore them, in a bid to see you look silly for a day.  Who knows, your child might send you out looking like a supermodel with a ballgown for a day.

This is the first year of the event, so they’re encouraging signups for the day on 10th June.

Themes – Some Ideas from Breast Cancer Now

Fashion face off – up the style stakes and challenge your friends, family or mums on the school run to take part and see which kid-adult team can create the wildest look for the most donations. Marks out of ten, please!

Strike a pose – so we promised you’d only have to dress up for a day, but we never promised there wouldn’t be proof you’d been styled by a child! Strike a pose and ask your nearest and dearest to pay for photographic evidence… or even a profile picture.

Kid’s catwalk – invite friends and family over in their own stylish creations and strut your stuff for the kids in a living room fashion show. Fundraising never looked so good.

Relive your childhood – throw a kids party… for adults! The kids are in charge of your wardrobe, so why not let them plan the party? Swap coffee and cake for party ring biscuits, balloons and party bags.

Finger foods of fun – secretly wish your lunch box was still full of sausage rolls and strawberry jelly? Let the kids pack your lunch for a day and indulge in the lunch of your youth, guilt-free! Then donate the money you would have spent on your grown-up lunch.

Do a dare – why should the kids have all the fun? Adults can get silly too by making a list of (very) public places to send you in the outfit… Whether it’s the local shop, the office or even your favourite restaurant, prepare to be dared!

Dare to let the kids choose what you wear? The challenge is simple: for one day only, the kids are in charge of your wardrobe.

Whether you’re a model mum, designer dad, a gran that can or an auntie with attitude, sign-up to look funny for money and help fund research that will save lives.

For more information or to sign up for Styled by a Child visit –

Social Media

Support Styled By a Child on social media, encouraging everybody to get #StyledbyaChild – tag @bcnow_scotland on Twitter.

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