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What to get the men in your life for Christmas…..

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This is one of the most challenging things I face on a yearly basis.

I don’t know my own dad very well at all, and despite having to help him cope with his dementia, I still haven’t got to know him well.  On top of that, my own brother is one of those people who isn’t either vain, nor greedy, and even my husband doesn’t believe in the cheer of Christmas presents, so finding something that’s both suitable and functional, always ends up being difficult to do.

Here are some ideas for suitable presents to give the dad  / brother / husband / son in your life this year.

Personalised Items

We can personalise almost anything nowadays, and with a little time, there’s plenty opportunity to get something nicely done, and that includes chocolate.


For the man child portion of our family, I tend to go for new footie training boots, and sometimes get their initials embroidered on the side.  It costs £10 more, but the kids feel special.

For my husband, he might appreciate a bottle of personalised whisky, or crystal glass to drink it from.  He might also like golf tees, a new wallet, or an engraved pen.

Think of what the mean in your life do.  A friend of ours is cheese mad, and always has a selection of smelly cheese and crackers out when friends visit.   I just know that he’d appreciate a good quality cheeseboard with his name on it.

Practical Gifts

I’m not talking about a screwdriver set, nor a new tub of paint for the hall that needs decorating.  I mean something they’ll appreciate and is also something needed for the season.  Quilted Primaloft Insulated Jacket

A lovely padded jacket always seems a good idea at this time of year.

This gorgeous Timberland Mens Quilted Primaloft Insulated Jacket seems a good buy to me.  It’s been reduced to £54.99, which I think is a good price, and good quality jackets are pretty much a necessity up here in Aberdeen.  In winter it gets pretty chilly…..

men's timberland bootsOn the same practical lines, sensible boots are a good idea too, especially if you know the brand and sizes that fit.

How about some lovely Men’s Timberland Boots for cold and miserable weather.

I know these Cupsole Chukka Boots would go down a treat with my boys.

Novelty Gifts

If the men in your life are the type who have everything they need anyway, the temptation to buy socks, boxers, or cheap aftershave is very high indeed.  It’s easy to walk around the supermarket and throwing a couple of cheap toiletry sets into the trolley.

My husband has received some horrors of gifts, that sometimes get paraded our for a laugh, which is exactly what the giver intended to do.  One year, he even found himself with a roll up magnetic dart board and a Henry desktop vacuum.

There’s always room for a small gift that gives a giggle.

Handmade Goodies

We are quite a handmade type of family.  I make my own candles, and we often make jewellery items for other people to enjoy.

I used to give candles away as presents, but these days, for men, home made gifts are more likely to be some resin enamel cufflinks that I put into a nice box, or some melt and pour soap that I put into a lovely bag and wrap it up with colourful ribbons.

Pendants 2



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