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New Naturelly Brilliant: Jelly Juice (Review)

Ok, I have to admit to being initially hesitant, as jelly and juice don’t quite seem to go well together, but when our samples arrived, I decided to try it for myself.

Jelly Juice 2 Medium

In the past, I’ve tried children’s juices that only make me thirsty, but I didn’t find that with these samples.  I’d buy these again, especially for visiting younger children, and I do think that around 36 to 37 calories per drink, it’s easy to persuade myself that this was a good option.

Jelly Juice 3 Small

Let’s go deeper.

The juices are gelatine free, they have no added sugar or sweeteners and have added vitamins A, C & E.   They also state that they are free from wheat, dairy, nuts and bees, for those of you for whom that matters.

We tried three flavours of Naturelly Jelly Juice.

  • Summer Fruits
  • Apple & Blackcurrant
  • Tropical Fruits

I prefer the tropical fruits, and my eldest quite liked the summer fruits.  He liked how it slides down your throat without having to break it up.  No chew jelly as it were.

For added interest, I put some in a small glass and gave kids a spoon to taste, and they actually liked it like that.  With a little yoghurt in the bottom and some chocolate shaved over the top, or some fruit on the bottom and squirty cream on the top, it could even make for a lovely and refreshing low calorie dessert, but also getting some much needed fluids into children who struggle with fluid intake.

Jelly Juice Constrained

Food choices are always what we make of them.  When one of my boys was younger and ill, I could have used something like this to slide over his throat when he had tonsillitis, not to mention being a great packed lunch staple.

Suitable from age 2+, I think these are worth a try.  I just wish I’d seen them when my kids were very little.

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