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Review: Trespass Zachariah Jacket – Limone

One of my boys has been looking for a yellow jacket for quite some time now. He’s used a high vis vest in the past when he’s on his bike in winter, but he has wanted a nice bright jacket that’s both windproof and waterproof.  One that isn’t too bulky, and means he can wear layers underneath.

Trespass offered me the chance to pick an item from their outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment website.  When I spotted this jacket, I knew immediately, that it was the one I wanted.

I chose the Limone coloured, Zachariah Trespass Jacket.

My kids are all outdoor fanatics, so good jackets are actually quite high on my list of priorities, to keep the wind and the rain out, especially in the cold weather.  The beauty of the Zachariah Jacket, is that it will do for both summer and winter.

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

My oldest son would have loved the navy version, but it was too tempting to tick the bright yellow jacket box for my middle boy.

Trespass Zachariah 3

It has something called the tres-tex membrane, which allows the jacket to be Waterproof, Windproof and has a Water Repellant Zip. Taped Seams stop the water from coming in, yet, it’s also breathable.

The jacket is part of the technical performance range, and has some extras that my cyclist will be pretty chuffed with.

  • Adjustable Zip Off Hood
  • Venting
  • Snow Seal System
  • Zipped Pockets
  • Glasses Pocket
  • Phone Pocket
  • Adjustable Cuffs

The jacket is for one of my teens who is growing like a weed, but as it’s going to be part of his birthday present, one of my other boys stepped in to model it for him.

Trespass Zachariah 2

In fact, I actually think my other two boys were more than just a little bit envious of the nice bright colour, and the fabulous quality of the jacket.  Even the man was suitably impressed, wondering if he should get one for himself, but in navy.

Zachariah 4 Glare

My model for the day, was highly amused by the opening side vents, that allow air to circulate freely.  It’s the first time he’s seen anything like that, and the phone pocket is on the sleeve, beside the cuff, which makes it easy for access too.

I ordered the extra small (xs) from the Men’s range, which will fit my middle child perfectly, who is thirteen and quite slender.  It’s a tad long in the sleeves for my model, but as his brother has longer arms, it’ll be fine.

I can see this getting much love and attention from my boy when he gets his hands on it.

He already has a pair of bright yellow salopettes, which he adores, so this will complete his outfit for when it snows.

Salopettes for the legs, and a thinner jacket on top, one that can be layered, is perfect for sledging in the winter months.

I’m going to enjoy seeing his face when he opens this parcel….

Thank you Trespass.




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  1. Review: Trespass Zachariah Jacket – Limone

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