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The Gift – Five Present Ideas for Your Other Half

This guest post is in collaboration with Thorntons Gifts For Men.

If you have a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday coming up, finding a present for your significant other that’s truly meaningful can be stressful. Men can sometimes be difficult to shop for, and sometimes, generic just won’t cut it. Here are five ideas for alternative but thoughtful gifts for the tricky hombre that will work in just about any situation.


It might be something of a cop out, but rest assured: most guys will be thrilled with a booze-themed present. If he considers himself to be something of a craft beer aficionado, a mixed case of artisan brews should satisfy. If he’s more of a spirits man, you might want to opt for something which adds a bit of theatre to his evening drink: crystal tumblers, whisky rocks and personalised hipflasks are all perfectly viable options.


When man isn’t drinking or sleeping, he’s usually eating, so cater to your beloved’s foodie whims with something delicious. If he’s a spice fanatic, buy him a chilli plant he can lovingly tend. If he loves cooking, opt for something culinary but manly, like a set of razor-sharp Japanese knives. You never know, he might even cook you a delicious meal with his new present to say thanks.


Adding the element of innovation to an everyday process can turn any chore into a delight, so consider what he loves doing and then find a way to streamline it. If he loves music, consider buying him a nifty portable speaker or Bluetooth headset; if photography’s more his style, buy him a zoom lens for his camera phone or a selfie stick.


Sometimes, just one gift isn’t enough, and for the truly special occasion, gift hampers are a savvy choice. Usually, these will be organised around a theme, so whether he loves whisky or chocolate or wine, you’re likely to find hampers for him that are a good fit and geared around his passions.


If your fella is something of a film fanatic, he’ll love you for getting him a subscription to an online streaming site. Netflix and Amazon Prime might already be on his radar, so consider something a little edgier; Mubi, for instance, curates and streams a different foreign or art house movie every day, and will tick all the boxes for any true cineaste.

With this gift ideas you’re sure to put a smile on his face on that special occasion. Have fun!

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