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Changing RSS Feed Address & How To Subscribe to the Scottish Mum Blog

This has niggled me for a while.  I know some stat couters use it, but to be honest, it’s pretty worthless as a method of establishing follower counts these days.  I changed my RSS (think Google Reader eg) over to Feedburner a few years ago, lost all my original RSS subscribers and it was at the point where Feedburner began to wind down.

Love My Blog 255

I took my e-mail subscribers and duly let them all know about my change back to WordPress E-Mail, then Mailchimp came along for those.  I’m making a change to that too, more as a means of keeping control and being able to have them all in one place for the long term.

What it does leave me with, is around 150 older subscribers I haven’t managed to find, who still have my Feedburner RSS feed directed to them.

I have no way of ever knowing who they are and Google isn’t supporting Feedburner any more, so it’s old hat, even older software, and I don’t trust it anymore.

I do know that those subscribers regularly read the posts, as Feedburner tells me they do, so to stay with me, you’ll need to do one of the following.

Old RSS Feedburner Subscribers

This was my last feed address:  

If you’re subscribed to this, your posts shouldn’t stop too soon, but they will stop eventually.  To keep subscribing, simply delete that option and resubscribe.

My New RSS Feed Address

If It Doesn’t Work?

If you are redirected to Feedburner, your cache may need cleared, or you could subscribe by some of the other ways to keep in touch.

Subscribe By E-Mail

With this option, even if I post multiple times a day, you will only ever get one e-mail as a digest at a time.


Subscribe to my mailing list.

Powered by MailChimp


There is still the option of subscribing by simply using the WordPress Direct Subscription options.  I’ll leave one active on the blog for those of you who do prefer that, but some of you may prefer to delete your old blog e-mail subscription and sign up to the Mailchimp version above.  Even if I post three times a day, you’ll only get one e-mail 🙂

Social Media

In those little square boxes above this post on the right hand side, are most of my social media channels.  Feel free to visit me there and catch up on what’s going on.


3 thoughts on “Changing RSS Feed Address & How To Subscribe to the Scottish Mum Blog

  1. How do I know how I\’m getting your feed into my reader, feedly?

    1. I don’t know Feedly, but in my old Google reader, it used to show all the blogs I’d added when I went to it.

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