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What to do with kids in the school holidays!

It sounds a little ominous doesn’t it?  Christmas has just left the building and we’re half way to Easter already, with a wee break in between.  We don’t get the lovely long break that kids in England get at this time of year, but we make up for it with other holidays.

Mid term isn’t a name that’s really been used up here in the North East of Scotland.  We do have a break next week for a few days, but two of those are in service days rather than holidays, so teachers are still in working, though our kids are at home under our feet, and we all know how bored kids get when they’ve been cooped up for too long.

Attractiontix asked a few of us to send a suggestion of what to do with the kids over the holidays as they were compiling a list for their own blog.  I thought it was a great idea, especially for those who’ve just got to the age where their children need to get out and about more, but aren’t quite sure what to do with them.  You can read their post and all the tips by visiting their website.

I was pretty interested in Charlotte’s recommendation from Her suggestion was to try the FA website as they offer free coaching for 5-11 year olds.  I wish I’d known that when my kids were younger, but then again, it possibly doesn’t happen up here with the good old SFA

My suggest was easy, as my kids are the outdoor types.  For the past decade, I’ve often to be found out in the rain and freezing weather with a blue nose and rosy cheeks with the cold, while the kids were toasty warm in their salopettes and thick jackets.  It did help that we had a dog, and had to get out in all weathers anyway.

Go outside, chase rainbows, dig holes or just splash in the rain to get some fresh air into your lungs. Don’t worry about the housework till the kids are asleep; memories aren’t made washing dishes and cleaning floors.


What else could we all do?

Join The National Trust or the National Trust for Scotland

The National Trust and the Scottish National Trust have low membership fees for families and plenty of places to go, from having a picnic on the lawn of a stately home or a castle,to rooting around in the bedrooms of royalty gone past, there are lots to do.  If you join one, you also get to use the other, so up and down the UK, there will always be plenty of places to go.

Take A Train

Stonehaven isn’t far from us, but it’s a great day out for the kids.  We often used to take the train, and then have a picnic on the beach at Stonehaven, where there’s a nice big kids play park and the beach within a stone’s throw.  It’s a bit of a hike back up to the station from the beach front, but we have been known to take a wee taxi to get back up there if we’re all tuckered out from digging in the sand.

 Have The Kids Cook a Meal For Everyone

We’ve done this a few times.  The kids have been left to take over the kitchen and we all depend on what they throw together for supper, and how old your children are made the decision on how adventurous they can be.   We try to plan it in advance and they need a little help with the hot stuff, but mixing juices and making sandwiches keeps them busy for ages.  We always end up with too much.

I have not been paid for this post, but Attractiontix are sending a wee basket of goodies as a thank you for joining in with their tips from parents.  I’m looking forward to it arriving already!

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