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Safer Internet Day 2015 #SID2015

If we’ve been on the internet for any length of time, we’ve all done it.  Either we’ve said something we did not really mean, or someone has been mean to us, or called us names, or been downright nasty.  We could have seen things we wished we’d never known existed and it can seriously put a damper on a day if something upsetting catches our eye.  And that’s for us as adults.  How much worse is it for children to be exposed to the same things, with their immature emotional state?

Today is safer internet day for 2015.

I know, I know, you’re all probably sighing and reaching for the big back button at the top of the screen, but being safer online is a responsibility of us all.

The Safer Internet Centre in the UK is co-ordinating help to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of technology for our children and young people.

The theme is: Let’s Create a Better Internet Together.

It’s celebrated by over a hundred countries, and supported by the European Commission, but what is it?

Raising Awareness

The day is mean to highlight positive uses of technology, to create a safer online community.  The responsibility falls on us as parents, carers, teachers, social workers, and everyone else, to make the internet a safer place for our children.

Youth Leading The Way

According to Safer Internet, around 30% of 11-16 year olds have experienced some forms of unpleasant behaviour online in the last year, and also explains what they love about going on the internet.

A new film #Up2Us, created by schoolchildren tells us about their own experiences online and inspires young people to do something kind today.

Social Internet Day TV Today

Visit the online channel today at 11am to see Molly and Harvey from CBBC’s Friday Download Show.  I’m hoping to get my kids to watch it on catchup after school.

Social Media

At 8am today, there was a mass tweet, using the hashtag #SID2015, with over 800 organisations agreeing to take part.  That’s an awesome target.  As a parent, I’ve watched my children talking to friends online who acted very unfriendly, even making fake accounts and using those to be nasty to classmates, anonymously of course.  The upset it causes to the people they target is unnecessary and distressing for the children involved.  It’s easy for us to say, ignore the haters and delete those accounts, but for children, that’s a very difficult thing to do.

I have to admit to being a little disappointed that none of my local schools seemed to take this on board.  I think these are great ways to interact with our kids and share important learning, but as parents, we can bridge that gap where we can.

The internet is a wonderful and scary place to be.  Let’s try and make it safer for our kids, by teaching them to be kind to each other online.

AT 8pm, Bars & Melody are taking over the Safer Internet Day Twitter Account for a question and answer session about why the safer internet day is important to them and what their views are on being kind and safe online.  Join in the chat by using the hashtag #SIDTV.

Here’s the Safer Internet Day Programme for today.

Safer Internet DAy

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