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Galloway Cheddar Cheese Promotional Packs

Much thanks to Galloway Cheddar for our hamper of goodies to try.

Galloway Cheddar Box

There were so many things from the box to consider trying, that we didn’t know what to do first.  We had wraps, haggis, macaroni, cheese, potatoes, oat cakes and even some spices.  In the end, the kids decided to opt for a good old macaroni cheese with the huge block of Galloway Cheddar.  There was even a good sized dish, which was perfect for a macaroni cheese dish big enough for all six of us.

We even planned a haggis, neeps and tatties meal, which will be posted in a recipe in a week or two.

Galloway Cheddar is a medium strength coloured cheddar, which is matured for a few months, to give it the family appeal.  It’s sold exclusively in Scotland, and produced in Scotland with 100% Scottish milk, and is also suitable for vegetarians.

Galloway Promotion

Step One

Upload your receipt.

Galloway have launched a promotion, which offers a free family meal with every pack, in the form of £5 cash back, which shoppers can claim by spending a minimum of £10 on a shop, which must include a promotional pack of Galloway Cheddar.

Your £5 will be sent in a Galloway branded wallet, with some tasty £5 family recipe ideas included.

Step Two

Share a photo of your own family mealtime at home – which must include a pack of Galloway Cheddar in the image.  You could instantly win one of 10,000 Galloway branded serving dishes.  The quality of our serving dish is well worth having.  Ours will certainly see a lot of use in my kitchen.

Galloway Cheddar 1

We must be a fairly traditional family.  We tend to eat most of our meals at the table, with only a very few meals eaten on our laps in front of the TV.  It wasn’t ever deliberately planned to work out this way, it just evolved and has stuck as simply the way that we eat our food.


I have to say, that our block of cheddar has been highly appreciated as an addition to toasted sandwiches, extra topping on pizza, and for one child, simply to eat in small chunks when he’s hungry.

There’s a reason the teen below offered to grate the cheddar !!!!!!  Needless to say, it wasn’t to “help” mum make the tea.  A fair few chunks went by way of his belly while he grated very slowly.

Galloway Cheddar Grating




We had to to make two dishes of macaroni, as the youngest won’t eat anything with spices or with tomatoes.  There was a small dish just for him.

The rest of us ate our macaroni straight from the Galloway Cheddar serving dish, which I made with sauteed onions and a couple of cloves of crushed garlic.  It was how my mother in law made macaroni cheese, and we all loved it, so I stick to how she used to make it.

I cheat with my white sauce.  I simply heat milk with a knob of butter on the hob until it’s almost at boiling point.  Then I simply thicken with some cornflour mixed with milk to make a paste.  When my sauce is thick enough, I simply take it off the heat and stir in the cheese, a handful at a time, until it’s competely melted.

I add my garlic and sauteed onions to the finished sauce before pouring it into the serving dish with the pre-cooked macaroni.  To put it in the oven, I just sprinkle over some more cheese, place on tomatoes, and put it in the oven until the cheese has melted.

What would you do with yours?

Macaroni Cheese 1

Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni 3

Macaroni 4

2 thoughts on “Galloway Cheddar Cheese Promotional Packs

  1. What a shame you can’t get the cheese here. I am tempted to nip over the border and get some (and some Cream of Galloway ice cream while I am at it)

    1. It is a shame it’s only available in Scotland. I didn’t know that before doing this post. It’s lovely and creamy. We’d not tried it before, but now we have, it’ll be on the shopping list from now on.

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