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Giveaway: Fresh Food Guru Christmas Dinner Pack Worth £85 – Closes 15th Dec 2014

A quality butcher experience can look expensive at first glance, but if you plan your ratios of meat to other ingredients, careful meal planning and a little thought can have us all producing great quality meals from great tasting ingredients – yet still coming within budget.

I’ve been using products from the Fresh Food Guru since their first days online, when they were known as Andrew Gordon Butchery.  I love the service, and having meat delivered to my door.  The new online branding, has a fresh and modern appeal that lovers of good food will appreciate.

I’m really pleased to offer this giveaway from my favourite butcher, for readers on the UK Mainland.

One of you is going to sit down, with your family, to a fabulous White Christmas Dinner Pack from the Fresh Food Guru.  The full pack is worth £85, but is available online at a discount rate of £76.00.


The pack will feed up to 6-8 adults and consists of:

  •  2-3kg Boneless Turkey Breast Roast
  • 12 Generous Pigs in Blankets
  • 450g Oatmeal Stuffing
  • 450g Traditional Pork Sausage Stuffing
  • 450g Traditional Beef Sausage Stuffing
  • 15 Pork Chipolatas
  • 2 Packs Streaky Bacon

A little more information on the giveaway dinner pack:

Boneless Turkey Breast Roasts are all pure white turkey breast meat.

The Traditional Oatmeal Stuffing is made with 50% less salt.

The Pigs In Blankets are made by hand and come wrapped in dry cured Scottish Streaky Bacon.  It’s perfect for crisping while your turkey is roasting.

The Lean Pork Sausage Meat comes from a decades old trusted recipe, using the finest pork rump, shoulder and leg cuts.

Pork Chipolatas are hand-made on the premises, and made from lean and meaty pork.

Fresh Food Guru Black Friday Online Sale

15% off all online orders this Friday, 28th November, so if you fancy something tasty, give them a try.

Simply enter this code into the shopping basket.   The code cannot be used in conjunction with any other online discount code.

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Enter The Giveaway

Subscribing to the Fresh Food Guru newsletter is mandatory for this giveaway, however if you already subscribe, then please sign in or use the same e-mail address to enter this giveaway, so that we can match you up if you win.

Closes 15th Dec 2014 at midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The Rules – Open to UK Mainland Entrants only.

– 1 Winner will win one White Christmas Dinner Pack from the Fresh Food Guru.

– The prize will be sent to you from, and posted from within the UK.

– The Scottish Mum Blog is not responsible for your prize and cannot be held liable in any way for non delivery or non receipt at your end.

– Winners will be notified within 2 days of giveaway end. If the winner does not respond within 3 days, a new winner will be drawn.

– The winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter random generator. – Scottish Mum Blog or Fresh Food Guru reserves the right to amend, add or withdraw this giveaway at any time.

– Each entry method entitles you to one entry into the draw.  Daily retweets count if you re-enter the widget and put the tweet url in.

– Closes 15th December at midnight.

207 thoughts on “Giveaway: Fresh Food Guru Christmas Dinner Pack Worth £85 – Closes 15th Dec 2014

  1. I love a lamb roast!

  2. Potatoes of any description.

  3. Homemade meatloaf with creamy mashed Tatties and veg.

  4. Roast dinner

  5. Bread – fresh and warm

  6. I just love turkey 🙂

  7. I love sausage and mash

  8. I love a roast lamb dinner x

  9. Beef Madras with rice.

  10. mmmm curry rice and naan

  11. A roast chicken dinner

  12. My favourite food would be anything sweet and sticky

  13. I love chicken

  14. steak 🙂

  15. I like a traditional Sunday roast – whether it is chicken, beef or pork

  16. fish and chips

  17. Lamb chops and mint sauce

  18. Good old fish and chips, you can’t get any better 😉

  19. fish

  20. Roast lamb and mint sauce

  21. chicken Korma x

  22. Smoked salmon

  23. Trifle

  24. Salmon

  25. Chicken Pesto Linguine

  26. Chicken!! and/or Sweetcorn 😀

  27. my fav food is yorkshire pudding, with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes soggy sprouts and thick gravy, the meat i vary, the rest is set in gold!

  28. Got to be Trifle!

  29. It would have to be a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings….sooooo yummy!!!!

  30. My fave food is chicken or pizza

  31. Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings

  32. I like egg and chips or egg on toast. I just love eggs!

  33. my fav food is sprouts have been known to eat just a bowl of sprouts before with nothing else

  34. Grilled fresh fish is my fave

  35. Pizza for me!!!!!!!!

  36. I just like a beef sunday lunch.

  37. Roast chicken with all the trimmings

  38. i love Yorkshire puddings xx

  39. Fish

  40. A good roast rib of beef, not that we have it very often.

  41. Roast dinner

  42. homemade shepherds pie lovely

  43. Roast beef dinner

  44. I love a good curry 🙂

  45. Haggis with neeps and tatties

  46. Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings with swede, and mashed and post potatoes with mint sauce……….I am starving now just thinking about it!

  47. chicken and mushroom pie with chips and beans mm

  48. Steak and chips

  49. Roast Dinners

  50. Fish and chips (especially if they are in tenerife)

  51. Moussaka

  52. Roast potatoes

  53. Love pastry =D

  54. toad in the hole

  55. got to be a roast dinner nothing beats it

  56. Lasagne – the way I cook it!

  57. I love roast dinners

  58. Love chestnut stuffing

  59. Dont have a favourite. But i do love my turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets on a sandwich with a slice of bread soaked in gravy in the middle. could have this most days lol

  60. Lasagne

  61. I love savoury food and a good Sunday roast is my favourite

  62. spaghetti bolognese

  63. Roast Lamb with all the trimmings

  64. chicken fahitjas

  65. PASTA

  66. Roast potatoes ~ yummy!

  67. Roast Beef with trimmings, with apple crumble and ice cream for pudding

  68. Salmon…… Versatile and delicious!

  69. Smoked salmon!

  70. My favourite food is steak cooked medium rare served with caramelised onions and mushrooms

  71. brie and cranberry parcels

  72. Indian

  73. Christmas dinner

  74. Prawn salad 🙂

  75. I love a crab salad

  76. Fillet steak with a peppercorn sauce.

  77. Big lover of mexican food!

  78. i love sprouts!

  79. A roast dinner with lots of gravy!

  80. I love a good roast dinner.:))

  81. Pizza!

  82. I love Christmas Dinner!

  83. roast dinners!

  84. Cake 🙁 hence why I just rejoined weight watchers!!!

  85. Yorkshire pudding

  86. Aberdeen angus roast beef with hummus red onions on rye bread

  87. ah i love food. id probably have to pick veg in general

  88. I love curry

  89. Waaaay to hard to say. Can I list? Jelly beans, bacon, toast, Peking duck, chicken, burger, chocolate…

  90. I love mushroom risotto!

  91. Cheese!

  92. roast chicken lunch

  93. Anything veggie for me,but hubby meat.

  94. Goose fat roast potatoes 🙂

  95. My favourite christmas food is stuffing (:

  96. I make a scrummy cheesecake!

  97. A big roast dinner and I also love toad in the hole

  98. roast beef and yorkshires

  99. I love a roast dinner with all the trimmings 🙂

  100. A good beef burger.

  101. Crispy Roast Potatoes

  102. I love a roast with lots of gravy. Yum!

  103. My Mum’s pirozhki with minced meat and mashed potatoes

  104. Toasted Cheese

  105. Brussell Sprouts – I am a bit weird!

  106. Bacon sarnies

  107. Love cheese and biscuits

  108. Toad in the hole

  109. Cheese burgers¬

  110. Roast beef and yorkshire pudding.

  111. roast pork x

  112. Pizza, major pizza cravings right now!

  113. Well if this prize feeds 8 I’ ll only have 20 more meals to find for Christmas day #ChristmasStressfull

  114. That is such a hard question to answer as I love food!!! But I think it has to be a traditional roast beef with all the trimmings and some good firey horseraddish!!!!

  115. Yorkshire Puddings!

  116. prawn cocktail 🙂

  117. Gosh! What a difficult question. It varies according to the time and the season! In this weather I’m loving casseroles and jacket potatoes!

  118. Pasta 🙂

  119. Chocolate, but chicken is my favorite meat.

  120. Fajitas!

  121. A roast dinner is my fave, so I love Christmas

  122. Got to be Roast Beef

  123. My favourite food has to be bacon sandwiches.

  124. Believe it or not it’s mince and tatties!!!

  125. Roast beef!

  126. Fish pie!

  127. Chocolate

  128. fish

  129. my fave food is salmon wellington. its sooo yummy 🙂

  130. Mushrooms. Any and all different ways.

  131. stone baked pizza

  132. fish and chips 😀

  133. I love salmon and poached eggs

  134. Steak cooked rare with egg and chips – simple but delicious

  135. I love Beef Wellington

  136. Turkey

  137. Roast Beef Dinner!

  138. roast potatoes

  139. roast dinner with all the trimmings-with crumble and custard for pudding

  140. Curry

  141. I can’t choose between bacon or bread – so I guess the answer would be a bacon sarnie! x

  142. Fresh crusty bread and strong cheese

  143. Teriyaki salmon and noodles 🙂

  144. CAKE!!!

  145. Chinese , mmmm yummy xx

  146. Thai. Pretty much anything as long as it’s Thai.

  147. Chicken with stuffing joint

  148. pulled pork

  149. Cheese and biscuits

  150. Chocolate

  151. Roast chicken

  152. Roast chicken dinner

  153. steak with stilton sauce. yum.

  154. Chocolate

  155. It changes from day to day, but today it’s Black Forest Gateau.

  156. At the moment pepperoni pizza

  157. Blue Stilton

  158. Chocolate! 😉

  159. Love a roast dinner

  160. The Greek dish souvlaki 🙂

  161. Chicken Vindaloo

  162. Chicken Roast with all the trimmings

  163. A roast chicken sunday dinner or in fact almost anything with chicken, its so versatile. Oh and cooked cheese!

  164. Pizza Mmmmmm

  165. Yorkshire puddings

  166. lamb curry

  167. yorkshire puddings

  168. Roast Portk with all the trimmings

  169. fillet steak

  170. I love turkey and stuffing at Christmas.

  171. cheese and biscuits

  172. I love so many foods but my ultimate comfort food has to be chips!

  173. BLT. I have no idea how I was vegetarian for 20 years

  174. I love Lamb, a real treat 🙂

  175. Chips and sausages

  176. Chocolate.

  177. Chicken yum!

  178. prawn pasta

  179. I seem to go in fads of what I like. At the moment its beans on toast, yum yum.

  180. Difficult question, if pushed, I’d say steak and chips!

  181. sausage and mash


  183. honey glazed gammon with Mashed Potato….

  184. chicken in a mushroom sauce

  185. It has to be a good roast chicken with all the trimmings.

  186. i prefer chicken but for christmas always turkey it seems unfaithful to my past to change

  187. Roast dinner x

  188. I love most food! xxx

  189. I love sausages… especially on the side of a turkey roast dinner! 😀

    1. Roast xx

  190. favourite food – anything from the sea, especially prawns!

  191. Pasta!

  192. I love chicken!

  193. Roast turkey

  194. I love pizza

  195. Roast lamb and vegetables.

  196. Not sure I can narrow down my favourite food to just one! Will shellfish do? Or if pushed scallops.

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