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Review: Nairn’s Astro Bites

Thank you to Nairn’s for sending us some of their Astro Bites to review.

Nairn's Astro Bites 2

Astro bites are bite sized oaty biscuits, made with wholegrain oats, fruit pieces, and with less sugar than the average children’s biscuit.

They come in little mini bags, that make perfect sized lunchbag treats.

The shapes are in the form of friendly From the friendly Astrod, Captain Astro, Rocket Blaster, U.F.Oat, Starlight Saver and Planet Starbix.  Inside each box, there is one sticker from a set of six space-tastic Astro Bites stickers.

Eldest was the most vocal, who said they could do with a little more berry blast flavour, as the oaty taste is the strongest flavour.  He says that when you taste the berry blast flavour, that it is ‘fine.’  Saying that, he is on for eating six packets so far, so I think he likes them well enough!!!

They’re made with whole grain oats, are high in fibre and are made from a wheat free recipe.  All good stuff.

I don’t know how they do it, but from the bag I opened, I managed to get one of each of the friendly shapes.  That seriously impressed me.  I know, I’m easily pleased.


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