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The Snow Queen & Downloadable Activity Sheet

We received the new Snow Queen DVD, to watch during the holidays.

I was due to look after a friends wee girls, who are 7 and 9, while she went into hospital for the day.  The Snow Queen filled up a chunk of the afternoon nicely, and they were still talking about it when I took them home.  I’m trying to persuade my boys to watch it, but I suspect that will happen one day when Sky is on the blink due to our high trees that blot out the signal when they sway too much in the wind.

For anyone who was a fan of Frozen, this is going to be another secret treat.

The Snow Queen, released from Signature Entertainment is in Vue Cinemas from today, with Blu-ray, DVD and digital release following on Nov 3rd 14.


The Snow Queen is based on the magical fairy-tale by Hans Christian Anderson, and follows the story of little orphan girl Gerda, who must defeat the evil Snow Queen who has taken over the kingdom and kidnapped Gerda’s brother, Kai.


Accompanied by her pet ferret, Luta, and Orm the troll, Gerda embarks on a perilous journey across the icy wonderland, facing swashbuckling pirates and treacherous trolls, in a race against time to defeat the wicked Snow Queen, save Kai and bring warmth back to the hearts of people across the land.

It’s full of fantastic, lovable characters, and timed perfectly for the excitement that begins to build for children at this time of year.  Christmas is closing in fast.

It’s certainly a slightly darker version than I was expecting, but nothing that would worry me for children to watch.  Gerda and Kai were popular with the kids, as they were done well.  There are some really funny bits that pop up along the way, which were nicely done, but some parts could be a little scary, so if you’re planning to watch with very little ones, I’d be tempted to watch it first.

It’s thrilling and for children, it certainly keeps them on the edge of their seats.  The two girls here, moved closer to the TV, making sure to blot out the world around them.

Snow Queen 1 

If you really enjoy this film, which I think most people will, for the pure escapism, then the adventure continues from December the 12th, was The Snow Queen: Magic Of The Ice Mirror comes back, just in time for the perfect pre-Christmas treat, or stocking filler.

There’s a Snow Queen activity sheet attached.  Simply click on the image to enlarge it, and save it to your desktop.




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