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Dreaming of Family Holidays with Villa Pia in Tuscany

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When Villa Pia got in touch about their fabulous villa in Tuscany, I had to take a look.

As a family, we’ve mostly done the UK thing and the only time my boys have been on a plane was to go to Dublin for a weekend.   We have had caravans for years and last year traded ours in for a motorhome.

The weather in the North of France was horrible in comparison to last year, with lots of rain and storms.

photo 2

So we packed up again and headed down to the South of France, which was fabulous for the boys to paddle in the med, but the journey down there was just far too long.

photo 1

The water was warm and the sun was incredibly hot.  It’s given the boys a taste of outdoor life at the beach where you don’t run away as the water comes close.  Living in Aberdeen, we’re used to freezing water along our beaches so giving them the experience of a different kind of relaxing beach life was nice.

For our next holiday, I’m considering a flight somewhere lovely and warm, but also safe enough for middler, who needs a close eye kept on him.

I looked at the Villa Pia Tuscan Family Villa and loved it.  It’s exactly the sort of thing I’d have loved when my kids were wee.  Actually, it’s the sort of place I’d love, even now.  I’m not into massively lively and noisy bars and clubs.

I really like the idea of 5 acres of safe land for the kids to explore too.

These pictures are taken from their website, but they look fabulous.

Villa Pia 1

The facilities for children include a trampoline, indoor soft play, a tennis court and a play area.  That’s not to mention the swimming pool.  Unusually, there are cookery and art classes for children.  I like the sound of that.

Villa Pia 4

The villa has 17 bedrooms, including some family rooms that sleep up to 2 adults and 3 infants.  There are also interconnecting doors for separate accommodation.

Villa Pia 3

Villa Pia is located in Lippiano, a town with lovely green fields, olive groves and vineyards.  Just outside the gates is a 10th Century Castle set in lovely woods that would be fabulous for walking, mountain biking, horse riding, or just exploring.

We’re used to real castles up here in Scotland, but I rarely see them when I go to other countries.

Villa Pia 2

The one other thing that would make this a great place to go is the option of an English speaking babysitting service.  I know there were some evenings when my kids were younger that I’d have loved that option.

As well as family holidays, they cater for retreat style holidays with beauty treatments, yoga, art and even weddings.

In September to October, they host Ways with Words writing workshops and discussion groups led by Kay Dunbar and Stephen Bristow.



3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Family Holidays with Villa Pia in Tuscany

  1. It does look beautiful 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. We have family in Nice and I love the south of France but it’s been ages since we’ve had a real holiday. Villa Pia sounds dreamy doesn’t it? I’ve never been to Italy and, strangely despite living in UK most of my life, have yet to make it to Scotland and can’t wait to visit both. Thank you for this fantastic write-up!

    1. Thanks. We’ve not made it to Nice yet, so that’s another place we need to cross off on journeys to France. x

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