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Making Chocolate Eggs For Easter

A wee while ago, the people from Stay In Devon sent us a wee kit for making your own easter eggs to try.  Middler, who has special needs decided he’d be the one making them with a little help from his brother.

As much as I tried to persuade him to use the fried eggs as eyes, he wanted to do it his way, so ours have a fried egg inside, and he ate the other two.  He put the lips and nose on to please him and he’s delighted with the result.  We left ours overnight before de-moulding which was perhaps the wrong thing to do as the chocolate speckled, but he’s happy with them 🙂

Making Chocolate Eggs 4

How did we do it?  Here’s how.   We used a chocolate easter egg kit.  You can buy moulds to make them from any good mould seller.

Chocolate Easter Egg Kit

He found it quite difficult to wait in-between layers so if I did this again, I’d let him do one and head off to school, then I’d do a couple more before he got home.  I had to heat up an oven tray and put some greaseproof on top of it to melt the edges so that they could be stuck together, but it all worked out fine.


5 thoughts on “Making Chocolate Eggs For Easter

  1. They look delicious and fun! Never tried making our own eggs, maybe next year!

    1. I think I’d use chocolate I don’t like next time !!!!!!

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