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Mothers Day With McCains Special Roast Potatoes

Mothers Day food yesterday was courtesy of McCains to try their new roasties.

McCains 12

The NEW Special Roast Potatoes are made from the very best King Edward potatoes cut into generous chunks and basted in sumptuous beef dripping.   They are really really good.  I put on both bags and by the end of mealtime, there were none left at all.  That’s always a good sign.

McCains Special Roast Potatoes 1

McCains sent along lots of lovely ingredients to go along with the roast potatoes, and we had carrots, sage and onion stuffing, chicken, green beans, broccoli and cabbage.

The broccoli and cabbage is in the fridge for another day, as there was too much for one meal, even if there were 6 of us eating.

There was a Knorr Flavour Pot in Mixed Herbs which we’ve also not tried before, and as I like my vegetables roasted, I use roasting bags to keep them moist and not get burned.  I used two separate bags, one for the green beans and one for the carrots.  In them, I halved the flavour pot and added a few tablespoons of water before shaking the mix around to coat the vegetables.

The chicken went into the oven first (also in roasting bags) and just over half an hour from the end, I popped the roast potatoes in a tray covered in tin foil to start cooking.  The vegetables were last to go in, with 20 minutes cooking time at the end.








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