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Hard Men Love Their Mums

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I just had to share this video as I thought it was quite funny.

Paperchase has launched its first viral film for Mother’s Day.  The intention is to show that every man loves his mother.

There are three characters who are movie baddie types.  Think tattoos, gold teeth and the reputation of London’s East End.  The film starts of seriously and then descends into what we’d more think of our kids doing for Mothers Day.  They visit the craft section of a Paperchase shop and make Mother’s Day cards for their mums using crafty supplies.


The end of the film shows the “hard men” giving their mums the self-made cards and their reactions.   The video is perfect for social media and it made me take a look at Paperchase for myself.   They sell gifts, cards and wraps, personalised cards and lots of very nice stationery.

There are some lovely gifts at Paperchase.  This lovely Tote bag will come with me this year on my holidays, and is going to be my  Mothers Day present from my kids.  I also love the leather satchels.  They are a wee bit out of my price zone for a bag, but they are gorgeous.   There is something for every price range which is nice.

Tote Bag



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