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AFC – Scottish League Cup Winners 2014 – The Sheep Are On Fire

For the first time in 19 years, the cup came to Aberdeen Football Club.  I remember the last time our local team won it and I took my kids down to see the parade this time round.

It started here: the win against Inverness Caley Thistle at Celtic Park where the sheep won 4:2 on pens.

Forty thousand fans made the trip to Celtic Park, and although we couldn’t manage the match, we all watched it on the telly, and breathed in as it went to extra time and then penalties.  Inverness played a cracking defensive game and it was touch and go all the way through.

Winning on pens didn’t matter, as we brought the cup home.   The kids have supported the Dons all through the last decade of losing streaks and it was lovely to see something positive and share in a winning club while they are still kids.

Well done the Dons.  We went down to the cup parade today.  Sadly the sun was in our eyes and it was difficult to get pictures, but you get the idea.  There was lots of cheering, clapping and singing going on as the bus set off on its way.  We were at the start, but on Union Street it sounded like a footie match in progress.

Fabulous…..It’s a memory the kids will never forget…

Dons 2

Dons 3

Dons 5

Dons 7

Dons 4

Dons 9

Dons 10

5 thoughts on “AFC – Scottish League Cup Winners 2014 – The Sheep Are On Fire

  1. COYR well done the Reds. We were at the other end where it was mad mad mad.

    1. After seeing the pictures, I’m glad we went to the start and not further along the route. Middler wouldn’t have coped with all those people 🙂

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