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Silent Sunday – 23nd February 2014

 Banjo Featured



15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 23nd February 2014

  1. What a great and fun idea!

    1. The man made it, so it isn’t a perfectly sounding banjo, but kids loved seeing it.

  2. What a fun photo ;D
    It immediately reminded me of dueling bangos

  3. ooh my boys would love that.

    1. The kids hoping he makes one for them to play with.

  4. A spot of outdoor entertainment!

    1. Kids think it’s fab, but it’s not ours sadly.

  5. Cool – my eldest son would be saying ‘gitty’ if he saw that. (I realise it isn’t a guitar!)

    1. That would be close enough 🙂

  6. Hmm looks like a cue for a song!

    1. I just wish I could sing without sounding like a banshee…

  7. Love it! What a great photo!

  8. It’s like an open invitation to play! #silentsunday

    1. Even if it is handmade. It does sort of work.

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