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How To Dry Fry Food – Dry Frying Is The New Health Kick

Move over fat fryers, there’s an alternative method of cooking in town, and it doesn’t need extra utensils or equipment.

I’ve fried dry for a long time, but I didn’t actually realise dry fry was an actual termed method of frying.

What Is Dry Frying?

Many of you probably dry fry some meats.  If you have meat with some fat on it, like bacon, it’s likely that you might not add any more fat to cook the meat in, but simply just take advantage of the fat on the meat itself.   Using a thick bottomed or non stick pan, start off with the pan cold and fry on a low heat until some fat is released.  You can then turn up the heat a little and cook your food as normal, with no added fats or oils.

Frying Pan

What About Food With NO Fat?

You might think that foods with no fat would stick and burn, but in many cases, you would be wrong.  You do, however, have to have patience to use this method as it does take a lot longer to cook your food throughly.  The basic principle is that you fry over a low heat for a longer time and turn the food often.

I dry fried these pancakes very easily, yet you do have to get used to doing it.  This method is also great for releasing the flavour of nuts and spices.

With vegetables, and especially onions, I’d be tempted to add a teaspoon or two of water at a time if they may look like dry frying alone is not enough.  Be very careful not to add too much water though, or your food won’t have the lovely fried aroma and taste as it will simply taste stewed.   There is the option of adding a spray or two of one calorie fat sprays, but I try to get away without it when I can.  I do keep a can handy in the kitchen cupboard at all times, just in case it’s needed.

As a rule, I tend to grill most meat and fish rather than fry, but on the special occasions that we have a tender fillet or sirloin steak, then I do dry fry those on the hob in a frying pan.


Dry fried fruit can be amazing.  Especially if you top it with some lovely sugar, syrups or sauces, or add it to the top of a fruit crumble and sprinkle on some cinnamon infused sugar.   Check out how to dry fry banana and top with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.  My kids love it on top of ice-cream.

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