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Scots Independence – Who Cares!!

Well, if David Cameron is anything to go by, he does.

Somehow, I can’t quite believe that.

I’m a heathen, or is that an atheist?  I’m never quite sure what to call myself, but I believe in very little in the way of religion, nor of politics.

At the moment, independence and religion are on a fairly even keel for me.  I can neither see the point, nor follow the arguments and reasons for either, yet, I am headed to the yes group.

Scottish Flag

It’s quite simple really.

  • My vote matters absolutely not in the decisions of which party rule the UK.  Scotland’s vote rarely seems to make any more than ripples in a very big pond.
  • We’re already pretty much devolved to such an extent that I see little “joining of the nations” as it is.  Our heath, education and legal systems are very different.  From my point of view, we’re paying for everything twice as it is, so why not cut out one share of the pie in Westminster.
  • It “looks” very like a group of people who were born wealthy are making all the decisions for a public, whose lives they cannot hope to actually comprehend.

But, this is not about political parties is it?  It’s about independence from the rest of our wee UK.

Only, it is about political parties and always will be.  With a government I believed in, I might have been more inclined to support the “better together” campaign.   Alex Salmond reminds me of Neil Kinnock somehow.  I can’t explain why, but the imperfection of the Scottish First Minister and his ruling style draws me into a highly irrational comfort zone.

I don’t care about history, and the shock scare tactics increasingly make me dislike the no campaign, so to be honest, it’s Cameron and Clegg and their cronies who actually pushed me to see the yes side favourably.  I’ve heard people say that we’ll get invaded, be undefended, have higher prices, may have to leave the EU, there might need to be a border set up to keep us out of England and more…….

I care about how much money they take from me and how much it leaves our family to live on.  I care about the support for our elderly, infirm and disabled – and how they are treated.  I care about how education and health works.  If our systems were all aligned, I might see it differently and most of us are going to have our own private reasons for why we choose the yes or the no campaigns.

I just wish I had a clear-cut vision and understanding of it all.  Making a guess based on others guesses just doesn’t fit my logical brain.

I think it’s a mistake for Cameron to turn down the invitation to debate with Salmond.  It comes across as if he has something to hide.

Whatever happens in the referendum on independence on the 18th September this year is just something we’ll have to live with.  In the meantime, I’ll keep my totally selfish and narrow-minded reasons for which side of the fence I’ll eventually fall on limited to my social networks, as I really have no idea what I am talking about.

I suspect few people do.



17 thoughts on “Scots Independence – Who Cares!!

  1. Well said Scottish Mum.

  2. A very honest and thought-provoking post. Because I am like you – I know nothing – except I’m leaning towards the Better Together campaign. But I’ll admit it’s mainly because I’ve lived in Scotland for 17 years and had some very unpleasant anti-English experiences which make me wonder if Scots are pro-independence because they want what’s best for their country – or if there’s an element which just blame England for everything that’s wrong with the system. I don’t trust Cameron. But nor do I trust Salmond. I’ve met him and he reminds me of a toad!
    I have a lot of reading and research to do.

    1. Donna might I respectfully ask you to stop procrastinating and go get the information as it is all already out there. Sorry to hear of your experience but a good starting point is to be less judgemental and more respectful to the likes of our First Minister. In doing so you might find people are more respectful to you. This is a natural law of the universe and whatever you want to attract you must first put out yourself, sorry this is the harder option of accusing others or changing yourself first but it defo works so try it and see how hard it can be but also how rewarding.

    2. Donna I am sorry if you have suffered anti English experiences are you sure it was because you are English? I ask as unlike you I have not met our F.M but have never heard him being disrespectful to anyone regardless of the provocation which he suffers on a daily basis He has been called every name under the sun and likened to the most heinous people who have ever lived but on every occasion rises above it Your description I must say is a new one
      No one with an ounce of common sense thinks independence will immediately cure all the ills we suffer from but if we cannot improve on what is our fate at the moment we are indeed too stupid too deserve better. I will vote yes in the hope and expectation my children and grandchildren will in the future be protected from the indignity of ever having to go to a foodbank that they will be able to go to university if they so choose without being saddled with thousand of pounds of debt before they even start out in life and that they will be able to have medical treatment should they ever require it without having to look in their purse to see if they can afford to see a doctor as so many people had to do in the not too distant past If you would like the same for your family may I respectfully suggest that you do search for the information that you so obviously need
      You will not be voting for the SNP or Mr Salmond you will be voting for the right to choose who in the future will be the best people to improve the life that you and your family enjoy

    3. Hi Donna. Perhaps it’s different in the central belt. I’ve not seen any anti English behaviour up here, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t exist. I don’t ever hear anyone blaming the English. Most people I’ve heard talking blame the wealthy hierarchy or themselves, ie the Scots, for not taking responsibility for our own future sooner.

      I don’t see it as English against the Scots, but more as a taking responsibility for our own welfare considering Westminster only seem to keep control of defence and welfare type issues. I’d not make a decision on independence based on Salmond alone. He’s a short term guardian with current influence, and though important for sure, no single party is the future of our own country, yet the current leader is important in the debate. For us up North, our vote would still be overshadowed by the central belt, but at least it would have some influence on our future.

      As long as we don’t lose out as a family, I’d he happiest with whatever way brings my home and locality the best quality of life, as that’s what life is all about. The need for so many food banks disgusts me, as does the attitude towards them by some politicos.

      It’s a personal issue to each of us and our experiences and emotions are going to be the deciding factors. Independence may or may not be right for us, but no matter what, we’ll have to live with the vote. So many guesses.

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