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Where Do You Hide Your Christmas Presents?

Tesco Hudl

Tots 100 are hosting a competition that asks “Where do you hide your Christmas Presents?

“This post is my entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition on the Tots100.

My boys are growing older with each passing year and they have begun the hunt for presents around the house.  I used to keep them in the loft until Xmas eve, but I can no longer do that as they stay awake all night and would hear us taking them down.

Last year, we stored them in our caravan which meant that the boys couldn’t see where our presents were, but it was a bit of a logistical nightmare getting them retrieved from storage and home for xmas day.  This year, with the kids being finished school on the 20th, it means that the presents have to stay in the house as there would be no way I would have alone time when storage is open to get them home.

At the moment, I have some stashed under the stairs and others I have had to make a list in my phone to say what I have stashed where.  Some are in the computer room, with a few others in a box under the gerbils cage.  I had to remove a few from my wardrobe as the kids found those and I went in to see wrapped pressies with ends torn off 🙁  They get more resourceful in their searching year by year.  Two of my boys are getting new phones so they are in the kitchen cupboard inside cereal packets on the highest shelves.  I’m running out of ideas for where to put them, so will watch the entries with interest.

The winner will receive. 

  • £150 blinkbox vouchers
  • £65 Google Play vouchers
  • Philips Bluetooth stereo headphones
  • Hudl micro USB power charger
  • Hudl 2m micro-HDMI to HDMI cable
  • Hudl 7” leather case and stand
  • Samsung smart Blu-Ray/DVD player

Four lucky runners up will win a Samsung smart Blu-Ray/DVD player, a £30 blinkbox voucher and a £25 Google Play voucher.

You can also tweet your entry using the hashtag #hudlxmascheer

Sadly, the Hudl is out of stock at the time of my writing this post, but as I am looking to buy one for a present, I am hoping they come back online very soon.

8 thoughts on “Where Do You Hide Your Christmas Presents?

  1. Oh I really like the cereal Box idea!!!… I bet there wouldn’t even think to look there 🙂 x

    1. They are getting more creative with where they look though. The older they get, the harder it seems to be to hide things.

  2. I don’t need to hide as their taste have changed and they buy themselves according to their needs.

    1. I’m looking forward to getting to that stage.

  3. Don’t have to hide them now but when my kids were little we used to hide the presents in the loft

    1. Loft was great for us too when they were younger. It’s just a shame where our loft hatch is.

  4. So much harder to keep presents hidden as they grow up. Each year they’ve got more determined in searching out whatever they could find.

  5. When we moved a few years ago. I would stash the presents in the bins and boxes that I kept. The boys didn’t even think about looking in them. One year my husband but the presents in the bed of our 1966 restored pick up truck in the garage. They never thought to look out there since the garage is cold. This year the are both teenagers and want more expensive things. Not sure if we are going to have to find a new home again for the presents. Might try the back of the pick up again. Since it worked out great before.

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