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Review: Hotel Chocolat Signature Christmas Collection

Hotel Chocolat sent us a box of their Signature Christmas Collection to try.

The box is gorgeous and my boys eyes were all agog when they saw it.  It’s a classy box with a lovely texture and looks reassuringly expensive.

There are a mixture of white, dark and milk chocolate with a focus mostly on soft centres which was right up my eldest child’s street.

Hotel Chocolat 2

The selection consists of : Rum & Raisin Truffle, White Caramel Praline, Pistachio Praline Crunch, Hacienda Iara Salted Caramel 90%, Hacienda Iara 63% Ganache Milk , Christmas Mess – Dark, Mulled Port, Nutmeg & Almond Praline, Cranberry Cup, Christmas Stars, Caramel Supernova.

Hotel Chocolat 6


Hotel Chocolat 4


Hotel Chocolat 3


Hotel Chocolat 5


Hotel Chocolat 1

At £25 a box, for most people this really is a luxurious Christmas present to giveaway but I found myself wishing I liked dark chocolate so I could enjoy more of the ones in the box.  The boys however finished them all off pretty quickly.  I do however, know one very particular chocolate lover who is going to appreciate a box of these on Christmas day.

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