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Sleeping Child

Sleeping is one thing that my boys really struggle with.  For middler, I have no idea whether it is because of his special needs or whether he is just a light sleeper who really doesn’t need to sleep much at all.  I like my sleep, although I never seen to quite get enough of it, but I have learned that for us, sprung bed bases just don’t last long enough to have to replace constantly as he is far too hard on his bed (often by jumping on it).

I know for my own bed, I had one that was really uncomfortable for a long time and sagged badly in the middle.  I’d have to get up several times in the night and heading back into bed either had the little one settled into the dip for me to roll into him, or I felt the springs through the mattress.

It was one of those things that really stopped me getting the little sleep that I should have had, but I just never seemed to be able to justify the extra cost to buy a new mattress for our bed.  We have one of those beds that sits on a frame and only needs  a mattress on top, so the mattress needs to be a good one with decent springs for my comfort.

I hummed and heyed for a while, and when my blog had enough money left in the account I use for it, I decided it was time for a new mattress.  I tried several different ones until I settled for one of the Silentnight Mattresses.   I didn’t know about at the time, or I could have saved myself a fortune, but I’ll know for the future.

I have to say that I am happy with my back at the moment and I’m not sure I would change brand for me from now on, and just replacing the future mattresses for my boys will be a much cheaper option than it used to be.  The man is pretty nifty with a drill and a saw, so any slats that get “accidentally” broken are easily and cheaply replaced.

For me, that’s a sensible way to go.

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