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Help For Holiday Hair Horrors

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I have thick and wavy hair, even though I straighten it to within an inch of its life daily, and sometimes several times daily.

I’ve often been tempted to have a try at the hair extensions the young kids use nowadays, and my boys elder sister does a great job of creating fabulous hairstyles from her clip in extensions.

They look so real that I had no idea that it wasn’t her own hair until I saw her one afternoon without them and asked if she’d had her hair cut.

holiday hair

Going on holiday is always the time when my hair just goes all to pot.  It starts to frizz in the heat and if its humid, it slowly starts to wave and cul outwards which I hate with a passion.

That’s even before I even start with the chlorine in the pool or the hot sun.

I was thinking about how I was going to control my hair this year abroad when I was contacted by Hair accessories from Pauls Hair World with a sponsored opportunity for a blog post which suited me just fine.

I’d wondered a few times where the boys sister had got her hair extensions from and these look very similar.

It was too late for me to get any for my holiday, but I’d certainly give gorgeous hair pieces a go for the next wedding or big event that I’m invited to (and can attend).

There are some things that I do on holiday to keep my hair from frizzing up too much, and I’ve learned these over time.

1 – Coconut Oil

On one of my earliest holidays, I remember using a certain spray stuff that bleached our hair while we sat in the sun.  That was fine until the 4th or 5th day when my hair started to feel like chewing gum when it was wet and an old greek woman told me to use coconut oil on my hair every night and sleep with it on.  It worked to keep my hair reasonable until the damaged lengths were cut off and I still use coconut oil regularly on my hair when the sun has been on it.

2 – Heat Protection Spray

I use straighteners – a LOT.  Sometimes twice a day if I am going out in the evening or my hair has been frizzed by humidity or sea haar / mist up our way in Scotland.   Pauls Hair World recommends letting our hair dry naturally and then using curling tongs or straighteners afterwards.  I know that would be the ideal thing to do, but it just takes sooo long for thick hair to dry that I usually give up trying and blast away with the dryer.  I do often use a heat protection spray to help stop the split ends from over processing and I seem to have hit a good balance with that now.

3 – Conditioner

If I’m going swimming regularly abroad, I often just smear some conditioner or cream that can be left in to give it that little bit of protection while the sun is on it.

4 – Go Natural

When it’s just too hot to process, I have no option but to go au naturel.  My hair is very thick so it takes a fairly long time to blow dry and straighten.   When I am somewhere really humid, I just take some mousse with me so that I can leave it to dry on it’s own.  Naturally, my hair dries quite wavy and a little fly away frizzy, so the mouse allows it to have some weight and stop the fly away frizz.  I do prefer my hair straight when it’s blonde but find it easier to live with wavy when it’s darker.   I have no idea why.

5 – A Good Brush

Good brushes are great for smoother hair.  When you look for a hair styling brush, try and find one that suits you and your lifestyle.  Brushes are not only good for detangling but can also help with the condition, shape, style and shine for crowning glory.  With the right brush, you can create curls, smooth and straighten, and also end up with romantic waves.


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  1. I think I am going to go shorter this summer.

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