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Help the Scottish SPCA in Scotland

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“Mummy, mummy, mummy, can we put some money to the starving doggies.”  a small child cried many years ago.

Looking up the RSPCA, I clicked on how to sign up for a monthly payment.  The adverts in the sidebar showed a little picture of an emaciated dog which looked incredibly in pain.  I don’t usually click on adverts for things and my instincts took over.

Such was my introduction to the very under advertised SSPCA – the wholly separate charity for the safety, care and rescue of animals in Scotland.  Any money subscribed to the RSPCA goes South of the border only.  Happy that I had the right place, I signed up to pay my £4 month.

The RSPCA has no place in Scotland as it does nothing here to help our animals.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is what we need for the animals in Scotland.   I think there is still a lot of misunderstanding, and like me, many people subscribing to the RSPCA when they live in Scotland and would want that money to go to local animals.  Our SSPCA is a smaller charity than the RSPCA and needs all the donations it can get.

I mistakenly believed that the RSPCA was a UK wide charity that helped animals in Scotland.    Our SSPCA may be smaller, but it has more powers than the English version as our animal welfare charity can investigate animal abuse and submit to the prosecutors at the Crown Office in powers given to it by the Scottish Executive.

It’s not enough to just have the power to help animals, our local charity for the welfare of animals needs much more help.  It needs to get the word out that in Scotland, the money has to go to the SSPCA.  If you can help and would like to carry a post with the information, please feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page or on Twitter as @scottish_mum and I will link you up to this blog post and give you a lovely link for helping to spread the word.

If you can spare another few pounds to help out the animals in need, go to the SSPCA Website.  You can join for as little as £4 a month, or simply make a one off donation.   If you join, it’s £1 a week to help relieve the suffering of an animal, many of whom have been abused, neglected or lived lives of misery.  The SSPCA can give those animals care, hope and a new life.

We pay our £1 a week, and my kids love that we can afford to do something little to help.

There are lots of other ways to help.

  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising (packs available)
  • Wedding Favours
  • Collection Boxes
  • Recycle
  • Petplan
  • Donate Food
  • Join or Donate
  • Sponsor a Space

If you can help, please do, even if it’s just to do your own post for it.



4 thoughts on “Help the Scottish SPCA in Scotland

  1. More people really need to know about this. Sorry, I’ve been quite lazy in comments recently. Back to catching up now.

    1. I think they do too. Not enough people know.

  2. I didn’t know this either. It’s so odd how many charities and organisations seem UK wide and aren’t. I’m more inclined to give to children’s, homelessness, cancer and women’s charities first just because they are things closer to my heart but thanks for making me aware of it.

    1. I would have thought it would be UK wide. I don’t the Scottish SPCA is well enough known really.

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