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A Trip Down Memory Lane. It’s Messy.

My boys are fine for pictures of the early days of their adoption going online.  I don’t mind as they are completely unrecognisable now and they love to look through some of them.  I will always regret not having a decent camera when they were little and always being so busy that I rarely found time to take any pictures.

The kids arrived and we just got on with it.  They were foster children as a last minute favour placement while we looked for our own family children and we thought they would be moving on.  They settled in really quickly and just took over.   When social services and the courts decided they were to go up for adoption, it just didn’t seem right to ask them to move on.

It took the dog a while to adjust and I love the picture of her sizing up the noisy thing in front of her.  They used to cuddle up with the little one fast asleep in her stomach and I so wish I had managed to get some pictures of that.

Kids 1

There’s not much difference here is there?  How much effort does it take to use the spare room for a cat before the kids arrived, and then sleep anywhere you drop once the kids arrive.

Kids 2

Those were the days that the animals were young, fit and healthy.


And the last time that mum was a fit healthy gym bunny with plenty time on her hands that evaporated with the arrival of the boys.  I have no photos of me at the moment and I hate meeting people who knew me a few years ago.  I look nothing like this now, but you won’t see a pic of me online 🙂


The early days when we had a party with sweet treats, before the days we knew they were laden with bad stuff that send you bananas.  Yes, I know that colour is well out of date, those walls are almost white now and the wrecked table and chairs saw the skip long ago.

Kids Chocolate

What that sugar rush led to.

Kids Mess


30 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane. It’s Messy.

  1. What a sweet post, I love looking at old photos, they bring back memories and remind us why we’re lucky to have such memories 🙂

    1. Thank you. I wish I had more, but I can’t undo the lack of camera status for a few years when mine were small. If it had been now, I’d have had thousands.

  2. What a lovely group of photos – a lovely happy photo of you all sitting round the table. The photo of the nappy sacks made me laugh!! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Sorry, I linked up the wrong post, but happy to see you here, thanks x

  3. Oh, how lovely to see photos of your boys when they were little – lovely memories! Really beautiful post. Are those nappy sacks all over the floor… If so, looks like my kitchen did a few days ago 🙂

    1. Yup, the empties the changing bag, talc, bags and all.

  4. popped back for #PoCoLo xx

  5. popped back for #PoCoLo xx

  6. Beautiful pictures – they really tell a story! I especially like the dog’s face in the first one 🙂 I’m new to your blog through #pocolo

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. I’m a bit behind this week, but catching up with everyone slowly.

  7. What a glorious busy household

  8. What a lovely post – I love the idea of the little one asleep on the dogs tummy! (Our kitchen used to be that colour too!)

    1. Thank you. I liked that colour when it first went up but I very quickly began to really really dislike it.

  9. it is amazing how things do change so quickly – I kind of like going down memory lane once in awhile thanks for the wonderful post it is a good share !!


  10. Like others here I had no idea you had them so young. They are a delight then and now.

  11. What a beautiful post and a lovely memory. Such gorgeous, happy pictures x

    1. Thanks Susan, hope to get some more online soon.

  12. awww this is such a really beautiful post and really lovely photos of such a magical time in your lives. I am honored you have shared this #magicmoment by linking up xx

    1. Hi Jamie, I had to link this one up as I don’t post enough family pictures I think.

  13. LOVE THIS BLOG… made me smile – things change so fast, thank you for sharing xxx

    1. Thanks for the comment. We’ve not really chatted for a while, need to catch up a bit.

  14. What a lovely post, really special to be taken back in time like this and to hear more about adoption stories. I can’t imagine starting with 3 so young, no wonder you needed cat naps 😉

    1. Aww, thank you. They’re allowing me top put some more up soon so I’m a bit happy to have some proper people pix on my blog instead of cut off heads or side angles 🙂

  15. I remember those days. How much they’ve grown.

    1. It’s quite scary how much they grow and how quickly.

  16. Lovely pictures, made me smile. Your boys were so young when they completed your family, that must have been nice, almost babies.

    1. They were really all very little. I don’t think people realise when they hear the adoption story as it’s hard to picture them. I remember thinking they were all so grown up when they arrived, but looking back at the pictures, they were just so tootie.

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