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Sleeping Child

Every parent knows that establishing a regular “bedtime” routine for your kids is far from the easiest task in the world.  In her new book Sleep Solutions: Quiet Nights for You and Your Child, celebrity nanny Rachel Waddilove stresses that a regular bedtime routine is absolutely crucial.

She provides some useful tips on how to manage children’s sleep habits in a manner that is beneficial to parents and children alike. Waddilove points out that it is best to avoid confrontations with your child. Gradually starting a new bedtime routine is a good way to address the situation. Here are a few of her key suggestions:


Winding down and having a moment of calm before bedtime is a great way to establish a routine.  Think about switching off computers and video games at least 45 minutes prior to bed, and any TV shows or films should also be either switched off or turned down.

Let your child set their own alarm clock:

Giving your child small responsibilities can heighten their awareness of the importance of bedtime, and give them a sense of pride in their ability to manage their own sleeping habits.  Gift them an alarm clock when they are in pre-school. (Teach them how to use it, of course!)  This will help them to establish not just a waking routine but also teach the importance of going to bed on time.

Choosing the right bed:

Littlewoods Bed 1

A quality bed goes a long way to guaranteeing a sound slumber. When choosing a mattress, try to find one that is cotton-based for the best comfort. A softer mattress is also recommended, as it is the best for a child’s growing body. A little planning can help give your children a healthy and comfortable bedroom environment.

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