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Review: Argo from Warner Bros.

Thanks to Warner Bros. for the review copy of Argo.  It’s fabulous viewing if you like this sort of thing and I do.


This movie gives a whole new meaning to the great escape stories of post war times.  Without giving away too many details that might spoil it for you, it’s set in Iran from 1979 onwards.   It’s a topic that has memories for me as I remember the news about the Embassy Attack.   It’s not the fastest moving movie off the block, but it certainly has been popular on the awards circuit due to the atmosphere and tie to real events, even if the story has a fictional element to it.

Despite that, it won plenty Oscar success, although denying the director and main actor, Ben Affleck a nomination.  He plays Tony Mendez who masterminds the process of rescuing 6 Americans who are hidden in the Canadian Embassy after fleeing from the attacked American one.


There is a fair bit of poetic license to the story as I believe the Canadians played a very big part in the rescue in real life, but it’s an American blockbuster and has a movie plot line that was a surprise to me.   The mad scheme is to get the Americans out with fake Canadian passports and posing as film makers who are researching fictitious film “Argo.”  With the help of Hollywood, it seems crazy, but it really did happen.

Most of us over a certain age will know how the story pans out as it’s based on real life events, but if you don’t, the end could be an even more interesting watch.  I don’t think we give enough credit to the people who lay their lives on the line to help others finding themselves in danger.  If films can make a story compelling, then they deserve to be winners.


To make the story more interesting, there are undercurrents of family life and personal angst.  It is a great watch, yet I would have liked to know more about the characters of the 6 and a bit more of how Tony Mendez gets on with his own personal life.   I’d have liked it to be a little faster paced, but that’s a personal preference and not something that should affect anyone watching it.


It was a great wee watch, and all from the comfort of my armchair.  It also adds to my ever-growing collection of Ultraviolet movies which is a great selling point for me.  It’s 2 hours long so make sure you set aside a good chunk of time to enjoy it

The awards Argo won are:

·         BAFTA Award for Best Film

·         BAFTA Award for Best Direction

·         BAFTA Award for Best Editing

·         Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama

·         Golden Globe Award for Best Director – Motion Picture

·         Academy Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year

·         Academy Award for Best Achievement in Editing

·         Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

At the moment, you can pick it up on Amazon for £10.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Argo from Warner Bros.

  1. Now this is a film I really want to see x

  2. ‘Argo’ is definitely on my ‘to watch’ list – thanks for reminding me!

    1. I didn’t really know much about the embassy attack in Iran so the film was all new. The story was good and hard to believe. I think a fiction writer would have been proud of the whole thing.

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