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Red Nose Day began on the 5th Feb, 25 years ago.  To mark the anniversary, Comic Relief wanted to show the progress in Africa and the difference that money raised has made, both here and in Africa.

To raise the awareness, 3 bloggers from our community are visiting four projects in Ghana on the 4th and 5th of February to see the difference the UK Red Nose money has made.

They will tweet and blog through their stay, and everyone can follow their progress as they go.

The 3 bloggers are:

They will visit the:

Virtuous Womens Bakery
Skilling women to bake breads, cakes and pies and establish an industry around it.

African Outreach
Agbobloshie with many inhabitants faces issues around sanitation and housing.  With the project, the community is being skilled to help themselves.

Vaccination Clinic
This speaks for itself.

Basic Needs UK Trust
Mental health problems in Ghana being addressed and helped to improve their lives.

All in all, it sounds like it will be a packed programme of events, and if you want to follow the chat, simply watch the #teamhonk hashtag for more information and to keep up with what the ladies are doing.  Bloggers are becoming more and more involved in world events and charity programmes.

We need to support each other as we work through the charity connections.

Best wishes to all in #teamhonk and a safe journey to you all.

If you want to follow their progress, simply click on the badge picture and it will take you to the blog about the adventure ahead.


6 thoughts on “#teamhonk #goodwork #Ghana #comicrelief

  1. Certainly was a packed schedule. But we did it. And we couldnt have done without the support we knew you lot were all giving us back home. it meant the world to Team Honk

  2. Amazing. Thank you so much.


    1. Good luck all x

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