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8×8 Project – A crafty piece of art to improve a child’s life after a brain tumour.

Charity seems to be the order of the week this week.  Following on from the bloggers visiting Ghana, I am asking if you could you do a small thing to support the recovery of Children with Brain Tumours.

eightAs part of the work done by Camilles Appeal, they have launched a Call to Artists programme to help donate a little to help a lot. The appeal works to support children aged 0-5 with brain tumours and their families.  In the UK, these children will have multiple treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation which can make their lives very difficult.  The appeal aims to help those families live as close to a normal life as possible.

Rather than asking for your cash, project 8×8 is looking for a little of your time and creativity.  And if you can’t give that, what about your own blog post to help send it round the blogosphere.

How you can help:8x8

If you are a crafter, you are likely to make some fantastic pieces of handmade art which could be mounted on an 8″ x 8″ mount.   Suggestions and possibilities could be handmade dolls, papercraft, jewellery and much more.

Social Media
Spread the word and encourage submissions from artists to the project, give this post a tweet or a like, and pass it on.

Buy an 8 x 8 Picture
Get a fabulous work in return for supporting the project.

Donate a Piece of Art
As a group, we can always achieve more than people on their own.   You don’t have to be a formally recognised artist to take part.

The official CALL TO ARTISTS is as follows:

The eightbyeight Project are inviting donations of 8×8” sized work (or small 3D creations) to take pride of place in our exhibition in support of Camille’s Appeal, the children’s brain tumour charity.

We are seeking diverse and exciting donations from professional, non-professional and student artists, painters, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, digital artists, paper crafters, those working with yarn and textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery, small sculpture, etc inspired by the exhibition theme, ‘Childhood Explored’.

Through coming together as creatives, we hope to raise the profile, and improve the lives of young children with brain tumours and their families.

If you’re creative, why not “create and donate to 8 by 8.”

If you’re not, like me, give it a share so that artists can find it.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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