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Toucanbox – a review.

We were offered a trial of the ToucanBox.  It’s a new innovation that allows for a boxed set full of craft activities to be sent to kids.  We were sent the Safari Box, and with the kids names put on the front, the experience was directed straight at them from the beginning.

The ages are from 0 – 6 +.  Some of the activities require the help of an older child or parent, and the box does really cover a wide age group.  I mainly accepted the box for middler, as it seemed a perfect activity for an 11 year old special needs child, but to be honest, his two brothers were enthralled for hours with making the animals, colouring in and generally following the fabulous instructions that are enclosed with the materials to carry out the crafts.

You can find them on Twitter at @toucanbox.

We received the Safari Sample Box, which would retail at £19.95 as a one off, £18.95 as part of a 6 monthly subscription or £16.95 a month as part of a yearly subscription.  Adding a sibling costs an extra £9.95 a month.

The boxes can also be sent as a one off gift at £19.99.

I’ve loved having the ToucanBox, and it has kept the kids entertained for hours on end.  Personally, I suspect I’d be tempted to buy one now and again as a one off rather than a monthly thing, but if I had an endless budget, this would be on the list.


Disclaimer:  We were sent a ToucanBox and chose to review it.


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