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Mirror Mirror Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray this week.

Mirror Mirror releases on DVD this week.  We couldn’t make the premier when we were invited, so the lovely PR sent us a preview DVD to watch instead.

With a large bucket of snacks and all piled onto my bed on Sunday night, we sat down and watched the movie.  The kids rarely spoke and were quite surprised with the update to the story and how it unravelled.

The kids were suitable enthralled in nail biting fashion and egging on the Princess when she came to the rescue of the dwarfs.   I won’t spoil it by telling you too much about how it unravels.

There’s a fabulous trailer on YouTube that gives you an idea of how different it is to the traditional Snow White tale.

There’s still a Prince, and there’s still a wicked stepmother so there’s lots for everyone.

At first, I thought it might be a girlie only movie as the boys won’t watch the original Snow White, but they did enjoy this version.  It’s actually quite nice to see Julia Roberts in a wicked role.

From the Press Release

STUDIOCANAL are proud to announce the home entertainment release of the lavishly enchanting, UK Box Office smash hit, MIRROR MIRROR.

One of the most beloved stories of all time gets a modern make over and comes to life, in this spectacular motion picture event starring Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts as the evil Queen and Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as Snow White. A fresh and funny retelling of the classic fairy tale, the film also stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the Prince, Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”) as the King, and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage) as the Queen’s hapless and bungling servant, Brighton.

Following the mysterious disappearance of the beloved King, his ruthless wife and evil Queen (Roberts), seizes control of the kingdom and keeps her beautiful 18-year-old stepdaughter, Snow White (Collins), hidden away in the palace.

However, when the Princess attracts the attention of the young, handsome and wealthy, Prince Alcott (Hammer), the evil Queen is enraged with jealousy. Aided by witchcraft and her bumbling assistant Brighton (Lane) she plots to steal his heart, which includes banishing Snow White deep into the dark dangerous forest to perish.

Taken in by a band of rebellious but kind-hearted dwarfs living in the forest, Snow White blossoms into a brave young woman determined to save her country from the Queen. With the support of her new friends, she roars into action to reclaim her birth-right and break the Queen’s spell cast over her Prince in this visually stunning, magical adventure comedy that captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences the world over.



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