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My scabby lounge makeover – before and after. What this blog paid for.

Who says blogging doesn’t pay for anything…  My lounge was badly in need of a makeover.  Actually, it’s badly been needing a makeover for a few years now, but with the kids, and middlers propensity for temper tantrums and trashing things when his medication wears off, I really didn’t see the point of doing it.

The front lounge was last done roughly about 12 years ago and the carpet never, ever, showed any dirt.  I had no real excuse to replace it.

The lounge had deteriorated to such an extent, that the single chair in this picture had to be thrown out about six weeks ago.  Middler in a nervous mood one day, picked at it until the leather broke and then pulled it apart.  It was beyond saving.   There was a three seater which is out of view, but sadly this is the only image I can find of my lounge as it was (that tells you how I felt about it).  Boring, old fashioned and unbelievably tired.

I began to get embarrassed about it when people came to the house and that’s never good.  I didn’t want to spend blogging money on necessities as it would have disappeared into the general pot of daily living, so a new makeover was planned and executed in less than 10 days from start to finish.

Here are the pix of the end results.  Ok, the suites are not what I would choose ideally, but they fitted within my budget and were immediately available.   The TV is NOT going back into this room and it’s going to be my chill out and reading room, or a visitors only place.  It’s too light a carpet for anything else and it smells all nice and new.  I wonder how long we will be able to keep it up though.

The man was determined to lay it himself and bought a kicker to do the job.  It took him a couple of hours and saved me £120 from the original bill.


15 thoughts on “My scabby lounge makeover – before and after. What this blog paid for.

  1. Wow, what an inspiration. I started blogging a few months ago and I found your blog as I’m based in Inverness not too far away. It’s great to find other blogs based in Scotland.

    1. Hi Katherine. It’s always nice to meet new bloggers. There aren’t very many up our way, but I’m sure more and more will come online in time. It does take a bit of time to get going, and then you end up so enmeshed in the community, you can’t leave. If you have a twitter id, let me know what it is.


  2. Looks very tranquil x

  3. Nice job! And how wonderful that blogging paid. I’m sure my hubbie would be very pleased if I earned enough from blogging for home improvements – is that simply from advertising revenue? And I LOVE the not telly/ reading room idea. Stick to your guns on that one, ok?!

    1. I don’t take adverts as such anymore, so mostly from sponsored posts.

  4. Ooh lovely xx

  5. It looks fab and I’m equally impressed your blog paid for it; that’s fabulous. Deb

    1. It’s sooo cool that the blog paid for it. I haven’t found matching cushions I like yet and tempted to buy another pair of curtains and make them to match.

  6. Looks lovely, what a fab chill out room.

    1. Thank you, mind you, I don’t think it’s been used in the last week. Must remedy that more when kids back to school in Aug

  7. Beautiful, what a gorgeous relaxing space…now, unwind and enjoy!

  8. It looks way better now! 🙂

  9. looks lovely, light and much bigger.

  10. looks like a lovely relaxing room. DEF no kid zone 🙂 x

  11. Good for you! It looks lovely. x

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