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Ellos – Kids Clothes Review

The Ellos PR offered me £50 to spend on clothes from their website.   The online store has a good range of clothes for men, women and for kids.  I really was spoiled for choice, but eventually narrowed it down to these lovely trousers and t-shirt, with a pair of bib and brace overalls for the kids.

I would have to say that the quality of the trousers and t-shirt were actually very good, and I noticed today that some of their summer clothes are on special offer for good prices.  It’s worth a little extra for clothes that last a little longer I think, but the prices on Ellos are actually fairly good.


The garments did take a long time to arrive and to be fair, we’ve had them a month now, but we haven’t had much good weather to put them to the play test with.

Middler couldn’t wait to try on his T and Trousers though, and although they look like they are sold out on the website, there are other similar products that he would also have been very happy with.

We washed the clothes yesterday for the first time and for me, the washability is what makes a piece of clothing actually worth wearing, so I am very happy with the outcome.

Sadly, the bib and brace overalls come up very small.  They were intended for littlest who is not quite 10, and I ordered a size 146, which is an age 11.  He couldn’t get them up over his normal sized thighs.  Middler is fairly tall and skinny for his age at nearly 11, so they fitted around his legs, but he would really need a couple of sizes bigger to make the legs long enough to fit.  They are meant to be capri style and it looks as if we will have to roll them up to use as  dungaree shorts.

I left it too long to ask the PR to change the bib and braces.  They wouldn’t exchange them for me as we’d had them for more than 14 days, the same length of time that a shopper would have.  At £27 for thick and good quality denim, I think it’s quite a good deal and I’m tempted to buy a pair that is a couple of sizes bigger.

Quality: Very good.
Washability: Very good.
Room for Improvement:  I would have preferred to know up front that I would have had to return in a fortnight for an exchange.




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