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Easter holiday plan of action…..


Watching my kids frustrated at not being able to have the ultimate freedom offered to children around their own ages is difficult.  Although they are coming up to the age when they should have more freedom out and about, their life circumstances has meant that they are not ready for the full-blown parent free experience that comes with leaving the house at 9 am and not coming home until 6 pm for supper.

That might have been my life as a youngster, but it isn’t going to be the tweenage life of my boys.

Middler finds all crowds challenging when he isn’t on medication that helps to keep his anxieties in check, but is he really all that different from a 2 or a 3-year-old child who just needs a little more TLC instead of the constant battle he faces from outsiders who think he is simply a spoiled and self obsessed lad who should be disciplined more.

In all fairness, I have given up with the mindset that he is ready to be introduced to age appropriate activities, no matter who says he should do more, and I have regressed into a more child like state of parenting for him which sees me pander to his inner baby.

Yeah, yeah, I hear the strict brigade chanting ferociously into the wind that I will regret babying a 10 year old, but hey, he has special needs so they can mind their own business these days, and scornful frowns might just see me turn to laugh at their ridiculosity (I know it’s highly unlikely to be a word, but it does sound good?).

Are the holidays going to be fun? Time will tell.

The first week we have a bit of space to ourselves as a family as middler goes to respite for a few nights, and then I am taking them away for a week in the caravan for the first outing of the year.  I am looking forward to it, but also dreading at the same time.  He is so much more work when we are away as we can’t lock all doors and windows and walk around with keys around our necks.

That got me to thinking about what I am going to do with them all, considering two of them are going to be highly rested is an understatement.  Littlest will begin to turn night into day as he strives to be awake at times midder is sleeping, and eldest will be annoyed at having to help keep his younger brother on the straight and narrow.

Plan of action – activities for kids this Easter

Give the bikes a little TLC, and pencil in a few days during Easter for bike runs.  The kids can do with the fresh air, and my rear end could do with the exercise.

Easter egg planning.  My boys may be older, but I don’t think kids are ever too old to roll boiled eggs with painted faces down a nice steep hill.  In emergencies, the longish driveway at the front of the house would serve, but the dog may spend a week on emergency potty runs after scoffing all the smushed up eggy bits as she uses her expertly trained nose to seek out any food in a crisis.

Fake a drawing competition on my blog, with a prize that any child of mine would be delighted to have, and of course, one of their entries will win *cough*.  Hmm, I might actually make a real competition on the blog for kids, I like that idea and have some PR things lying around that would make perfect gifts.  My boys would love to pick the winner.

DO NOT DO SHOPPING – Online is my very bestest friend in school holidays.

And of course, I would never pretend my kids are all 2 years younger than they are to get access to the local playframes.

They’re just tall, honestly !

How does everyone else cope with the Easter holidays?

I know our situation is slightly more different to most as I have special needs to consider, but hey, he’s not that much different to keeping an inattentive toddler amused 24/7.








15 thoughts on “Easter holiday plan of action…..

  1. Check your emails.. Will head up for a visit next week.

    1. Got it, that was fast going. x

  2. We have lots planned apart from the Easter weekend when we’ll keep it family-based. Have lots of playdates scheduled in as I find that Katie is much better when we’re out of the house. Will stick to normal bedtime routine and try and get lots of exercise to a) ensure normal sleeping routines and b) work off some of the chocolate! Have some friends staying the second week for a few days which will be nice. I hope your holiday works out well. I can totally understand that you have to parent your child to their emotional age, not necessarily their physical age. I am nervous enough about having 2 children next year, let alone three!! You deserve a medal! xx

    1. My birthday is on the Easter weekend usually so we have an excuse to do something nice, tho lots of exercise works well with my kids too.

  3. I think I shall mainly be fighting the holiday mood urge to kick back a bit because the whole relaxing the boundaries and structures thing always backfires (and I never learn!).
    But we will certainly be having some egg-related fun.
    Have a good one.

    1. I never get the chance to kick back unless middler is in respite, or everthing is done on the run. I am looking forward to next week however…

  4. Ah, the joys of holidays. For Bonzo it is just the change of routine that bothers him. I am beginning to get the hang of it. Don’t tell him a thing, and make sure I have a schedule for each day. Even if the schedule is ‘stay at home all day doing nothing’!

    1. That sounds like the perfect way to do it. That’s what I do with middler tho is a shame as for kids, the best part is usually the build up to going to something nice as it seems to make it last longer.

  5. Easter is one of the holidays I utterly dread here on Fair Isle, there’s very little happening on isle unlike summer/october(tatties)/christmas, and this year made far worse by us being the only family with kids who are not going away for it, so my 2 girls will have only themselves & no playmates. Not a bad.. we won’t find ourselves host to 7 screaming giggling girls, however, I sea ahead a long two weeks with multiple *i’m bored* as both dad & I still have to work like navies full time throughout the holls. Secretly i’m crossing my fingers for an early start to lambing & a few triplets being born which will result in a crop of bottle fed lambs for the kids to pander to over the holls, other than that we have the annual box of new & fun artycrafty type stuff, some new dvd’s for bad weather days, few books for out loud reading around the table and fingers and toes crossed for much sun so a good crop of tadpoles can hatch in our pond.

    Might get brave enough this year to give them free rein in the kitchen since they are both now pretty accomplished bakers for 9 & 10yr old and strangely tidy in the kitchen (however this does not continue into tidy bedrooms).


    1. Wow, I couldn’t trust mine with the flour, it’s be all up the walls at that age. I’m hoping we get some better weather in July / Aug than we did last year tho.

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