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Christmas Twinkling Tree Lights

When Christmas Trees and Lights asked me to try a set of lights, I just had to say yes.  I like twinkly things you see.  They sent me some lovely Multi Function LED Lights that are for both Outdoor and Indoor use.  There were 120 bulbs on the string and a box that has a switch to toggle the different functions of the lights.

My set are coloured, and they can flash in combination, or in waves, sequential, slo glo chasing, flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash and constantly on.

We had our tree up with the plain white lights that came with it.  We are not a real tree family, but we do like our tree to look nice in the evenings.

These LED lights use little power and last longer than regular lights.   They cost £13.99 at the moment as they are on offer.  They also come in a handy little plastic tub that the lights can go back into for next year.

How did they shape up.   Well, when I added them to our tree with white static light on and switched them on, the kids all shouted coooool in unison.  I think that says it all really.

Christmas Trees and Lights also have some gifts, and THIS ONE is quite cool really.  I remember the one that my grandparents used to have in their hallway which was rented.  I wish I had kept it really, but the pink version looks better than the black.

Some of the effects are in the pictures I took.  I found it really difficult to be able to get an image that shows how well the lights show up the tree.  This is how our tree started off with just the white lights that it comes with.

To get a decent effect, I took pictures in the dark.

Disclaimer:  I was provided a set of LED Lights for this review.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Twinkling Tree Lights

  1. Love your blog!

    1. Thank you.

  2. They do look nice on your tree. Much nicer than the plain white ones I saw last week. See you soon. x

    1. Not if I see you first. Thanks for the comment. x

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