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Tickets Giveaway for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Manchester – Ends 15th November

One of the places I have always wanted to go to in Manchester would be the Trafford Shopping Centre.  It is one of those places that just seems to have the ability to draw people toward it.   It is perhaps the reputation that goes before it.  Maybe it also has something to do with Old Trafford and the football stadium that draws us in as my boys are huge Man U fans (don’t ask me why, almost all the kids up here are).

Whatever there is to do, and there is a lot – I think I would have to have a pocket full of money before I headed down from Aberdeen again.  I spent a week there in 2003 for work, and I always vowed to go back, but sadly I haven’t made it down again yet.

There seems to be plenty of things to do in Manchester, and if my children were to have a say in where we go and what we do, then they would definitely decide to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre as they are lego maniacs.

Halloween Manchester style seems to be overwhelmingly colourful at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, where they are holding a monster mash LEGO building challenge every day between the 15th and the 31st October.


I have a family pass which will allow up to 2 adults and 2 children to experience the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre park for a day.

To enter, simply

  1. Leave a comment to say what your favourite memory of lego is.
  2. Leave your contact details in the comment, ie email address or twitter id so I can contact you if you win.
– The closing date will be :  Tuesday 15th November
– If the winner has not claimed the prize within 3 days, I will redraw another by random generator.
Good Luck
Scottish Mum

48 thoughts on “Tickets Giveaway for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Manchester – Ends 15th November

  1. Great for boys… and girls who like building… The rides are not really much to get excited about. The 4D Movie was well made for a Lego film. My kids spent most of their time playing with… Legos. Eat somewhere else. The tables seem to be filled with bored parents waiting for their kids to get bored. So if you don’t want to eat standing up, eat before or after. I visited legoland trafford Centre during school holidays and it was very busy with a big queue so i would recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

  2. Great for boys… and girls who like building… The rides are not really much to get excited about. The 4D Movie was well made for a Lego film. My kids spent most of their time playing with… Legos. Eat somewhere else. The tables seem to be filled with bored parents waiting for their kids to get bored. So if you don’t want to eat standing up, eat before or after.

  3. My brother and I used to spend hours playing lego, we once made a model of my grandmothers house,and gave it to her, It had pride of place on her fireplace for years!x

  4. Used to love building this with lego when I was little. Especially houses. Now my boys love their lego! I just get cross when I keep standing on it gosh it hurts! lol

  5. Making lego houses – My son has all the lego i collected as a child, with more lol – forever going up the hoover

  6. My favourite memory is playing lego in Primary school with my little friends

  7. I used to love making motorhomes – I’d build a real fantasy zone lol – pool, disco room, bedrooms for friends – everything went in! I remember needing to put dozens of wheels underneath the things were built so large lol – hours of fun!

  8. I loved playing with lego. I remember my first box was quite basic but then I got another box so them two combined was a great fun. I loved doing the designs from the booklet.

  9. Favourite memory of lego is playing with my grandchildren, building animals.

  10. My memory of lego is building the tallest tower and knocking it down.

  11. I remember my big brother sticking a red lego brick up his nose trying to be clever, we ended up in a&e for four hours, it was hilarious he was 36

  12. my memories are of building a very large lego city that took over the sitting room

  13. As a child making a lego castle

  14. we used to go to the robin hood cafe and they had a play area with lego, we used to make a massive tower and then it would fall when it got to high and the whole cafe would go slient and look at us haha


    I wasnt allowed Lego because it was for boys, but now I have my own kids I play with it just as much as they do, and my Mum cant stop me hahahaha

  16. my favourite memory is building towers to see how high we could get them before they fell! my brother always made bigger towers then me!

  17. building a massive house for my barbies!!!!

  18. Me and my sister loved trying to build the tallest tower. The best bit was knocking them down of course!

    @cmutter (Twitter)

  19. my dad spolit me rotten by buying me a horse stables on a trip to the supermarket – I had hours and hours of fun with it and the box was huge, I was such a lucky girl

  20. spent many hours creating new towns with my sister x

  21. Lego is a toy which lasts generations! My 4 year old has my Brothers lego which has been passed down and down and down, we just buy new and add to it. So my memory is being reminded everytime it is brought out of all the fantastic and different models that they have all made and how each childs imagination builds something different and unique.

  22. i remember playing with my mum, bother and myself for hours, we laways made a house, and the lego i played with as a child i still have and my children play with it now!

  23. My first memory was of my older sister building ships so both of us could play together, she had loads of boats and loved them as my dad worked on them.

  24. I loved building huge houses with our massive tub of mixed lego that my Mum and Dad still own and bring out for the grandchildren now. @RedRoseMummy

  25. playing lego starwars with my younger sister

    1. meant to sy @kemo_2002

  26. building the tallest towers with my cousins 🙂

  27. i remember building tiny houses, & trying to make whatever came to my imagaination! – twitter @xxkimhcxx

  28. Forgot to say I’m @chocolateonemse

  29. My favourite memory of Lego is actually sorting the colours and shapes into containers. I’m still the same today, although not with Lego! I also used to love putting it in a pillowcase and washing my Lego in the washing machine, can’t actually remember building anything though.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  30. I remember when opening a new box of Lego there was usually only a small amount of window panes and as the only thing i was any good at making was houses I would be prepared to actually get into a fully fledged fistfight to make sure i got as many of them as i possibly could lol.

  31. Sitting in my mums shop after school at the lego desk for hours and hours

  32. I love lego! I used to play with this for hours as a child! Please let me win!!!

  33. I dont remember really playing with lego, but buying my daughter the lego advent calander, she loved it and looked forward to opening it every day

  34. As a child, making endless dogs out of lego because my houses never worked properly and ended up lopsided.

    As an adult, watching the hubby play lego with our nephew, and seeing them make a whole town (a crazy town at that) with it.

    …My contribution still ended up lopsided.

  35. I had a lego arm removed from my ear when I was little and my mum kept it in a plastic tube for ages, I wonder if she still has it (I obviously have a weird mother) also not sure how it got in there


  36. Watching the smile on my son’s face while he is playing with his daughter with the lego that father christmas gave him 34 years ago.

  37. Watching my granddaughter play with the lego that father christmas gave her dad 34 years ago and seeing the smile on his face at the pleasure of playing with it all over again.

  38. I used to love building houses with lego, and also trying to make the biggest house possible with my lego

  39. Thinking that the orginal lego land – in denmark – was a real place.

    very disappointed when i saw them play football and found out they were nt tiny yellow men

  40. playing LEGO tecnik with my dad! @scandc

  41. I recently dug out our childhood lego for my son and pleased to see lego trees and flowers! Such happy memories


  42. I remember getting a huge box of Lego for Christmas one year. It was the one gift I was allowed to open on Christmas Eve that year as the wrapping was a bit torn. It gave my Dad and I hours of Lego building, listening to Billy Joel whilst my Mum was working in the evenings.

  43. I loved Lego technik and remember building the car – it took about a week!

  44. I remember having many competitions with my sister on who could build the best and biggest and it always made us giggle

  45. Building towers with my cousins, running out of lego and demanding my mum produce some more- before I learnt that money doesn’t just appear from the hole in the wall, you have to put it there first

  46. My favourite memory of lego was building an entire lego town with my dad. Was one of the only times I remember him spending enough time to play with me as a child and I loved it. @susankmann

  47. As a child I never played with lego, but I always remember when I gave my eldest son his first box. He was scared at first cos it had instructions that he had to follow and he couldn’t follow them. So I ended up building the tow truck for him 😉

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