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Littlewoods Christmas Giveaway….. Ends 15th November 2011 – Goodie Basket

It’s that time again, and Christmas is just around the corner.

I know, I know, I can hear you all sigh, groan, stamp your feet and run for the hills at the mention of Christmas in October and Early November.  The reality is that we either get moving and organise our Christmas presents, or we run around at the last-minute like headless chickens.

I watched this video a few times to write this post, and it made me smile.   Littlewoods seem to have captured a Christmas family favourite to showcase their Christmas gift ideas.

Littlewoods also have some fabulous 3 for 2 offers on jewellery & beauty, and some toys with as much as half price reductions.


To launch their christmas ideas advert, Littlewoods are offering a fabulous christmas giveaway for one of my readers.

The prize is going to be a goodie basket with the gifts in the picture for a mum and her child.

To enter.

  • Watch the video at the top of this post.
  • Leave a comment here saying which gift in the video would be your favourite surprise gift on Christmas day and why.  Any funny stories will be greatly welcomed to help spread Christmas Cheer around.
  • Make sure you leave your twitter id, or email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win.
  • If you would like to tweet the competition, I would be very grateful if you would click the retweet me icon on the page.

We will end the competition on the 15th November, and the Littlewoods representative and I will choose a lucky winner to receive the basket.

The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize and send their address details to me, or we will re-draw by random generator.

Good Luck and Happy Video Watching
Scottish Mum


109 thoughts on “Littlewoods Christmas Giveaway….. Ends 15th November 2011 – Goodie Basket

  1. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout to your weblog. Is that this a paid subject or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it?s uncommon to peer a nice weblog like this one these days..

  2. It’s all about the laptop!!!! would be a great surprise for our growing family! x

  3. I would love the camera –

  4. I would love the camera, my boys are growing up so fast and the only pictures we take of them are on my husbands iphone (my mischievous toddler threw my phone into the toilet!) I love the ad, I find myself singing it throughout the day!Thanks for the chance to win.x

  5. I would love the Jewellery.
    I have 5 kids, and all the money goes on them (all year!) – it would be nice to have something just for me.
    A funny story? One day my husband to be was showing off on his 125cc motorbike (with me on the back). He revved so hard pulling away from a zebra crossing that he did a wheelie. Never thinking that with the extra weight of me on the back that it might just be a bit too much. Well it was, and over we went. Thankfully neither of us was too badly hurt, except perhaps his ego. And his watch – so a new one for Christmas with D&G on would be a great present this year.

  6. The camera would be my favourite gift. We never seem to have enough cameras as someone is always wanting to borrow one.
    Can’t wait for this Christmas as my three oldest sons are coming home. They’ve got time off from work or uni and it will be brill to have them all together. The best bit is they will all meet their 12 week old baby brother for the first time!
    I know they think it’s funny that I’ve had another baby but I keep joking that I might have got it right this time!

  7. I would love the laptop myself, mine is really really getting me down now.
    I have also just suceeded in convincing my 9 year old, that santa does exist.
    A school friend, who does not celebrate christmas due to religious reasons,
    Informed her, that there is no santa! And she believed it.

    So, I sat with her for preety much of the whole of polar express, on sunday, explaining how it all works, luckily the film was on, so nicked some ideas from there, and informed her how i came downstairs when I was little to go to the loo, and saw santa placing prezzies under my tree, and how I could just see the side of his face/beard.

    so, I am delighted to say, she now does believe in santa, thank god, I was so upset as she is only 9 years of age.
    My eldest believed up until she was 14!
    Hooray to mum, and the polar express.

    The_Mazza on twitter.
    Thank you for the lovely competition.

  8. HTC

  9. Definitely the HTC – its so calling to meee!!

  10. I would really love the Transformers toy to surprise my little boy, hes spent all year circling Transformers in my Littlewoods Catalogue but they are just so expensive, especially the big one. I would love to see his face on Christmas day if i managed to get him one

    twitter beclee09

  11. I would love the HTC – I dont have a phone at the moment, cant justify replacing it at the moment 🙂

  12. As boring as this may sound, but I would LOVE a gravy separator! I make roast dinners a lot & they take me hours as I do them from scratch, this would save a lot of time & also keep the chub off the waist 😀

    Tweeted 😉

    @MrsD_Winchester x

  13. I would love to win the camera, i lost mine on holiday this year 🙁 x

  14. i would love the fujifilm camera that way I could take lots of photos to embarrass my girls with in later life!

  15. The HTC.

  16. Laptop would be fab then I could actually get online without having to wait for my teenage daughter and 11 year old son to get off.

  17. i would love the HTC! I had my phone stolen from my bag and it was a new 2 year contract so ive got a very old brick type phone lol

  18. would have to be the laptop 🙂 need a new one for uni, this ones about had it

  19. Sorry forgot my email Oops-its

  20. I would love to receive the Xbox Kinect-Ive heard they are great fitness and good fun for all the family young and old (plus i would love to see my Nanna having a go on it)

    My most memorable christmas was when i was about 7 and my brother was 4.

    Sellotaped to a christmas card addressed to my brother under the tree was x2 one pound coins.
    His face when he saw the money was beaming, so when my dad was videoing him, he turned to my brother and said “Ohhhhh David what have you got there” my brother replied “Two pounds and your not having any of it” Priceless

  21. Mine would have to be the HTC phone since ive just dropped mine in the bath last night 🙁

  22. I would love the laptop as mine has just broken 🙁

    It only works if it’s plugged into the mains and the charger is carfully placed ito the laptop at a certain angle so its pointless being a laptop and wireless as I have to sit at the computer desk to use it.


  23. I’d love to get the laptop as I’d like to have my own one as we have an old one that we have to share at the moment.

  24. the laptop would be great as a present for my son

  25. I’d love to get the laptop for Christmas as mine is so old it cannot work without being on the mains

  26. I,d love to win the camera for my daughter, she loves taking photo,s and the refurb one i bought her last year is on its last legs x

  27. Id love the laptop as my computer is dying but thats wishful thinking 🙂 I love the ad, the kids are fab

  28. I would love to win the laptop for christmas we have been trying to save for one for ages and im nut sure sanat has room in his sack

  29. I would love the Fujifilm camera! The camera I have at the minute, isn’t great quality and I desperately need to upgrade!

  30. It’d have to be the Fugi camera for me so I could snap photos of my little 5 month old,beautiful,baby nephew.He lives in England with his Mammy (my sister) and The Boss(his Daddy,my brother in law!) and I’ve only been privileged enough to spend a few days with him.My sister is very snap happy with him so she keeps us updated with photos in an online album.
    Being a mum yourself,you know that babas change on a daily basis,there’s never a dull moment.Nana(our Irish Mammy) is beside herself half the time because she can’t just pop ’round to see him.It’s ok though-we’ve most things caught on camera…The big smiles,baba lifting his head up,his various adventures with mammy and there was the first time he had his baby rice…
    Christmas for us is always a family occasion.Granddaddy isn’t with us anymore but baba has been a blessing to all of us and we want to make sure he has the best first Christmas he can.All three are coming over on Stephen’s Day so we can all share the baby’s first Christmas experience.


  31. Would love the laptop so we could have one each – his and hers.

  32. For me it would have to be the laptop because I work on mine all day and shiny new one would make things so much easier!


  33. the camera looks glorious

    much better than my one at the mo


    sorry if iv already comented as when i did it before it didnt seem to come up!



  34. oh i would love the camera to pieces
    it looks great quality (better than mine at the mo!)

    i really really really love that advert its so sweet!

    my email is

    hope i win!



  35. HTC Desire

  36. I would love the Fujifilm Camera under the Christmas Tree. My current camera is past it’s best and a replacement is needed. @RedRoseMummy

  37. I love the HTC mobile (not sure I’d know how to work it, although I’m sure my children will help me!!)

  38. I would love the new mobile phone – mines a bit outdated (5 years old) and tatty

  39. the dancing micky, my littleg girl is crazy for micky

  40. i would love the camera, i take so many pictures as i am always wanting to capture every single memory with my little girl! @kemo_2002

  41. I would the HGC phone, not even sure if I’ve got the letters right! I’ve never had a new phone of my own, always had hand me downs from my family. I have progressed from making and receiving calls, can text of a fashion, although my Mum has to ring me up and ask what I have written. As well as the phone I would need a very kind person to show me how to use it. x


  42. I’d love the camera, would be great to look back on all those happy Christmas memories in the cold dreary month of January


  43. I’d love the Macbook! In a bid to save money my dad shared the code for his Sky Sports with my husband I now have to fight him to use our laptop when football is on! Seriously impairs my blogging!

  44. Oh santa of Littlewoods i would love a new laptop …. not really for grandpa’s knee but for ME 🙂

  45. Oooh – the laptop. DH is studying at the moment and needs to use the pooter a lot which means I’m missing out on my daily dose of surfing.

  46. My computer and my camera both died horrible painful deaths within a week of each other earlier this month, so I’m now reduced to an aging laptop & my mobile phone camera. If Santawoods popped down my chimney this year with a new laptop, or a new camera, I’d make sure he had the pick of the mince pies, and the biggest glass of sherry he’s ever seen.

    @meedja on twitter

  47. It’s kind of greedy but I would so love the laptop! Would settle for most things though LOL.

  48. This present wouldn’t be for me, but for hubby. It would have to be the digital camera because The Boy and me (ha, see what I did there?) recently broke his digital camera but we don’t know how! One minute it was working, the next it started blipping, the lens shut and it gave up the ghost! Eeeek. Hubby says he’s not cross but I know he is! Hoping Santa will feel sorry for him and deliver a new one.


  49. it is the kinect for me. i’ve seen lots of great kids games for the kinect but as yet i haven’t even tried one of these at a friends house.


  50. The laptop

  51. I think it would have to be the Apple Lappy for me cus i think ive worn my poor lappy out with all mu blogging this year.
    I am @v82chris on twitter.
    Have RTed for you too x

  52. i would like the laptop as mine is on its way out and is soooo slow now! i wont get one but can always dream 🙂
    @yummymummy299 x

  53. I would choose the laptop, so my old one could be used for the kids to have their games and software on

  54. Brilliant advert ~ It’s the lovely HTC for me .
    I’ve been unlucky recently as my phone went for a swim in a cup of water !

    I’m Tweeting as @CRYSTALmse and I’m Crystal Mse on Facebook . I’m kelbee44 on G.F.C .

    Thanks for the chance to win !


  55. I think I would like the Transformer so my husband can re-live his childhood. That’s his one and only present sorted out. I like the little guy in the spider suit but not sure the girls would go for one, unless it’s available in sparkly pink.

    Nice comp. Happy Christmas to everyone. x


  56. A NEW LAPTOP. I love this advert its the best advert on at the moment.

  57. Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway! Please enter me into the draw. I am following your blog via GFC Tracy K Nixon. I am also a fan on Facebook: Tracy K Nixon and I am following and tweeting too @tracyknixon xxx

    The video is fab and can’t wait to see it on tv early next month! I would love to find a Fuji camera under my tree! My 3 year old daughter decided to feature my previous digital camera in her sandcastle this Summer!!! Yes, down on Whitley bay beach, as I was reading my sexy Summer novel, a ray of light shining from one of the turrets suddenly caught my eye!!! Wow – I exclaimed – I think you have found treasure Jessica !!! But, Oh no – after looking more closely I realised it was the sun reflecting on the lens of my camera that my daughter had decided to use as ‘a window’ for the princess to look out of!! My camera was sadly ruined and rather that get annoyed I jumped up and ran into the cold North East Sea and squealed!!!! Everyone on the beach looked at me thinking I was squealing because the sea was cold – but no – it was because I needed to vent my anger!!! I saw the funny side of it when I returned to my children on the beach – who all thought I was a ‘super mum’!!!

  58. I loved the advert and I would like lots of things from it but my first choice would be the laptop.

  59. I would love the HTC as my daughter came home from school with her phone broke when asked what happened she informed me she went into her school bag and her phone just had a clear screen so wasnt her fault , Asked where her bag was and was told on the floor , she still implies it had nothing to do with her . kkkiiidddsss

  60. I’d love a HTC as my boyfriend thinks he has the best phone with his old blackberry but I’d show him with this surprise gift and for once I would have the best phone 😉

  61. Great advert. My fav prize would be the necklace – a bit of bling to make me a feel a little bit special. 5 months pregnant and need all the help I can get to feel ladylike!!

  62. I would love the D&G Watch for my husband,,and Jewellery for me

  63. I’d love the laptop as mine is on its last legs. I really thought hubby was going to treat me to one last year as he hinted my pressie was IT related – but he only got me a new mouse for the old laptop. I was still really grateful tho! It’s the thought that counts!

  64. A blackberry mobile would be amazing, replace my old broken phone x

  65. It would have to be dancing Mickey we just love Disney in this household and he would bring great happiness this festive time 🙂

  66. I would love the watch as mine is a really old cheapy one.

  67. A new laptop would be amazing beans!

  68. It would have to be the HTC for me. 🙂

    Loved watching the advert – made me feel even more Christmassy than I already am! Really looking forward to it this year!

    Thanks for the great giveaway. @rachiegr

  69. Would love to get a stylish D&G watch!

    Fab Prize <3

  70. Having a baby on Christmas eve means Christmas time becomes doubly expensive, but I like to give him a special birthday. He would love the Optimus Prime.

  71. A new laptop for me as this one is gradually falling apart. x

  72. I would love the laptop, as many Mum’s have said on here, all my spare cash goes on my son…so this would be lovely for me!
    following on Twitter and RT (cheryl020606)
    now following blog as well….fab blog by the way!

  73. Defintely the camera to capture all those christmassy moments and memories!

    Twitter: @Jenni000

  74. would love to get HTC


  76. ooh lots of fab things! it has to be the Apple iMac Laptop though!

    used to love Christmas as a child, getting so excited and unable to sleep on Christmas Eve, then eating far too much on Christmas Day and feeling sick around 5pm! There was no money around when i was little and my treat was to have a can of Coca-Cola on christmas Eve and over the holiday, how times have changed, that can of drink was a real treat.

  77. I would love the laptop because mines crap now n i cant enter lovely competitions such as yours without one 🙁 x

  78. i would love the Fujifilm camera so i can take some lovely pics of the family at xmas 🙂 thanks x

  79. As soon as i saw the laptop i realised without a doubt it would be on top of my christmas list. I go on my laptop every day and without fail my daughter tries touching it and banging all the keys. I even walked in on her the other day and she had pulled some of the keys off 🙁 to make matters worse my laptop is now coming to the end of its life (probaby because its fed up of being bashed around by my daughter) and i really could not live without one. My gosh i love my laptop as much as my husband loves his Playstation 3.

  80. I like others would choose the laptop as I am always fighting with the OH or my 3 year old son! OH loves ebay and son loves playing the kiddies games on websites! Would love to have some peace and quiet to do my shopping online and have a nosy for bargains!

    Love the advert but then again I love Christmas! Stareted shopping January and nearly done so looking forward to a chilled December and doing all the fun things that I usually miss out on as I am too busy shopping or wrapping!

  81. l would love the laptop because mine is to old and slow

  82. I would love a Cannon camera as I’ve really got into photography and I would like to try something new.

  83. I would love the fuji camera as mine has just broken. My husband narrowly missed losing his job this year and managed to keep it but with a salary reduction so replacing our camera is out of the question. Christmas is going to be a struggle this year and we are having to cut back on lots of things

  84. ohhh i would love to get a laptop for xmas so i dont have to fight my teenage son to use his computer ,as hes ALWAYS on it i hardly ever get the chance to go online….oh god here he comes ,risen from the dead…got to go …fingers crossed xxx

    1. oppps forgot …from @itsmeexxx (twitter)

  85. I would love the HTC as the hubby’s been after a new phone for ages!

  86. The Ipod, I would love to win an Ipod for my kids, my mother had and Ipod and my 3 kids always fighting over it and If I had one it wont be that bad.

  87. i would love a new phone as my daughter has just dropped and cracked the screen

  88. I have four gorgeous sons and a lovely who are all in need of something amazing, but i would have to choose the optimus prime for my eldest boy who has had a really tough time at school and it would be really wonderful to see Father Christmas give him something like that.

  89. ooh, i love that advert but its so hard to choose just 1 thing… I am in desperate need of a new phone… mine suffered when its daft owner went on a night out and never bought it home… am hoping she’s with someone that loves her very much and didnt laugh too much at the photos and texts it contained….. then there the camera – again on another night out it suffered a UDI (unidentified drinking injury) and although it made it home it is rather wonky and doesnt take pictures anymore. I have as a result of these mishaps decided I will be the driver on any subsequent nights out before i do myself an injury! :o)
    fab comp xxx

  90. The laptop for me…. we can then all stop bickering over the antique one we own now!

  91. I’d definitelymyself to a new Laptop treat

  92. I woul probably go for the camera so we could take lots of photos at Christmas to remember it in years to come! Love the advert, the kids are so sweet! @JennyEavesMSE

  93. I would love the Apple iMac Laptop, as much as I love my laptop I’ve always wanted an Apple and after seeing stickers of Snow White for the back of them to make it look like she is holding the Apple on the lid, my lust for one has become stronger!

    I have also retweeted.


  94. An Xbox for doing your exercise
    A Purple fijit for that big surprise
    A new laptop to keep dad happy
    and Optimus prime lets change him snappy
    A HTC for ringing up mum
    A Fuji Camera for catching the fun
    A D&G Watch for granddad too
    And Jewellery for nana that will do
    With stars and trees and a sparkly thing
    So much to see, lets join and sing
    But Mickey Mouse wasn’t in the rhyme
    But I saw him too and he should be mine
    My list to santa isn’t very long
    Its short and sweet just like this song
    My mummy gets lots of parcels to
    but she always says “there not for you”
    So please choose me for your prize today
    and thank you thank you I will say

    Make sure you check out my tombola, it closes on 4th November at 23:59 GMT

  95. That’s such a sweet advert! I’d love the Xbox Kinect at the beginning of the ad for my daughter – she’d love this!

  96. Definitely a new laptop! My old one is nearly clapped out from all the searching for perfect pressies, competitions to win perfect pressies and checking the bank account to see if I can afford perfect pressies!!!

  97. For me it would have to be the dancing Mickey being cuddled by the girl. Every time my son sees it advertised he says he wants one, I dismiss his request (just in case the man in red gets him it) but secretly im thinking, yeah I want that too!

  98. Its the fijit for me, my daughter has been asking for one every day since the xmas toy adverts have been on, and I have bought her one, can’t wait to see her face on xmas day, I have been watching videos of fijits on you tube and they look hilarious, not sure what the dog will make of it on xmas day though.

  99. Fujifilm camera, Roo really wants a camera from Santa

    Tweeted too


  100. How cute are those kids?! I’d probably treat myself to the fujifilm purple camera. It looks quite funky and my camera is starting to play up so I definitely need a new one soon.

    I’m really looking forward to Xmas this year as Wee Z is 4 so he is really much more aware and excited and Miss C who is 2 will just feed off his energy and they’ll both be little balls of excitement. Just what xmas is all about! @LauraCYMFT

  101. How cute are those kids?! I’d probably treat myself to the fujifilm purple camera. It looks quite funky and my camera is starting to play up so I definitely need a new one soon.

    I’m really looking forward to Xmas this year as Wee Z is 4 so he is really much more aware and excited and Miss C who is 2 will just feed off his energy and they’ll both be little balls of excitement. Just what xmas is all about!

  102. Sorry forgot to add @louisesims

  103. I’d love to get the laptop for Christmas as mine is so old it cannot work without being on the mains, even for a minute or two and has started doing some very strange things. No good when you’re trying to blog!

    I’m so excited for this Christmas as it will be Grace’s first one and last Christmas was wiped out by flu – not good when you’re 8 months pregnant. I’m sure the wrapping will be much more interesting than the actual prezzies though! 😉

  104. I loved the advert, really brought a smile to my face. I’d love the watch for Christmas, because every day without fail I know what time it is without looking at any clock, so never bought one. My son has his routine and knows exactly what time of day it is by what’s on the telly, by what car comes back in the street, by what time daddy comes home, its fascinating in a way, but a little something for myself would he fab.:)

  105. i would love the HTC! Really need a new phone but always spend my spare cash on the kids! Great video!

  106. The HTC as the last one ended up down the loo!!!!! arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 @scandc

  107. I’d love to get the laptop for Christmas so that I don’t have to share mine with my husband any more, he always wants to look at silly videos on youtube when I need to be blogging!

    When I was pregnant with my son in Christmas 2008 I was enjoying a really good giggle with my husband, brother and sister in law when my belly button popped out. The sensation was just horrible and I instantly burst into tears and started screaming “PUT IT BACK IN!” to my husband – poor man I think he thought the baby was coming! :o)

  108. What a lovely advert! I for one would love to receive the Fuji camera for Christmas! I have a rather large camera at the moment, which is difficult to carry around for candid photos. I’d love a small one that I can keep with me for all those precious moments!

    Last Christmas I was 8 months pregnant, and it was the most minimalist Crimbo I’ve experienced. Just me and my lovely fiance, with both of our families far away in America. The day after Christmas, I wound up in hospital, only leaving late on New Years Eve. But this Christmas we’ll have a happy little family gathered around the tree, and hopefully our little man will be as excited as I was when I was a kid. I can imagine he’ll forgo all the presents we buy in favour of the boxes and colourful wrapping paper, but I can’t wait to see him ripping into the stack of gifts and dancing around to the happy music and twinkling lights. I can’t WAIT!

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