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Competition June 2011 – £25 Gift Card for Pledd.

A new competition from Angelika of Pledd.   

Angelika invited me to have a look around her website and products to decide if I wanted to run a competition on my blog for a £25 gift card.  I like the idea of personalised baby blankets as it is such a thoughtful idea. 

 Angelika is offering a £25 gift card for the winner of the competition on my blog.  They also sell soft pillows/ toys for young children. 
  • The contest will run until the 30th June.   
  • I no longer have a small baby, but I could see their products being unique for new baby presents, or for special occasions.  
  • I think the little pillow in the picture at the top of my post looks rather sweet.

 To enter: 

  1. Pop on over to  and like them on Facebook if you have an account.
  2. Make sure you are following me on Twitter on @scottish_mum
  3. Like my Facebook page, or friend connect me on my blog if you haven’t done it already.
  4. Leave a comment on my blog to say what you have done, ie your twitter name etc so that we can identify you and contact you if you win.
  5. For an EXTRA entry – tweet the following:  (I entered to win a £25 gift card from Pledd. with @scottish_mum

Good luck everyone.

Scottish Mum

15 thoughts on “Competition June 2011 – £25 Gift Card for Pledd.

  1. I have liked on Facebook and I’m following via GFC and have Tweeted.
    Thanks so much


  2. and I have tweeted too x


  3. I have liked you on facebook and have followed your blog x


  4. I follow you on twitter x


  5. I have liked them on facebook x


  6. Have tweeted, can’t like no 😉 but I’m sure the company’s fab.


  7. All done! Will tweet too!


  8. and have tweeted

  9. done tasks 1-4

  10. Tweeted @baile1kim1

  11. Tweeted too @ericahughes.

  12. Liked both fb pages (Erica Price)and twitter @ericahughes.

  13. Hi , I have done all 5 my facebook name is twinklenicci cowdell-murray and my twitter ID is @bubbalovesblog .fab giveaway x

  14. Have done all of the above!! About to go tweet now :o)
    @kipacala on Twitter Laura Henretty on Facebook.

  15. Have done all 5.

    Heidi @Him_Me_Three
    Heidi Boast on facebook

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