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Seven things you don’t know about me.

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I’ve been tagged by Carol Finds Her Wings (via twitter) and Mummy Alarm (via twitter) to share seven things that you don’t know about me.  I blog anonymously so this is going to be a difficult one to do.

1.  Rollercoasters and huge fairground trains, loop the loops, and aerial display rides terrify me.   Not just slightly scared, but out of the ordinary, pathetically panicked.  I won’t go on one, even for kids, but Disneylands Vertical Hollywood Towers I could do all day long.

2.  I don’t like peppers.  Red, green or yellow.  I swear I could smell a piece of pepper in a meal from 100 paces.   In restaurants, I always ask for my meal, “with no peppers.”    A third of the time, the meal comes out right, the second third, they have fished the peppers out of the pre-cooked meal and I reject at the first forkful.  The last third of the time, the meal arrives, with the peppers intact, as if nothing were wrong. 

3.  I have absolutely no sense of direction, none at all.   I struggle with maps, and get lost with perspective.  In theory I can, but put me somewhere strange, and in no time at all, I’m twirling in circles.  London should be fun.

4.  My very first concerts were Thin Lizzie (first boyfriend took me, honestly),  Paul King (dressed to the left), Duran Duran, (that was worth seeing) and Simply Red (umm ok, but stuck at the back), & Suzi Quattro (who, I hear you ask).  The first record I bought was Donny Osmond “Puppy Love” and I used to imagine being picked out of the crowd to be sung to.  Ok, I was only about 5, but still.   In public my favourite singer of all time would have to be Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet, but I cheat with Robbie Williams.   My secret passion is rock, and I’d love to see Bon Jovi, and Aerosmith.

5.   I don’t get David and Victoria Beckham bashing.   They worked hard, played hard, took advantage of opportunities, made a fortune out of some very clever marketing, and seem to be happy.

6.  I can make candles, all sorts of candles, big and small, in glasses or pillars, plain or scented, and I love them all.  A hobby that became an obsession to the point I’m pretty good.    Anyone who comes into my house is likely to have their noses offended by the notes of wildflowers, bakery, fruit, or spice.   I use them all the time, so have grown accustomed to the stench.  Its good when a relative comes to visit and you only have instant coffee.  Light up the candle in the kitchen and they really will believe, the percolator is going, for a special treat.

7.  I moaned and winged about getting a real bike, to go out with the kids for a cycle ride.  After four years of wingeing, the bike was finally mine, and it’s already been relegated to the back of the shed as it never sees the light of day.  This spring, I AM going to dust it off and actually get round to using it.

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3 thoughts on “Seven things you don’t know about me.

  1. Love your list. Like the bit about the beckhams – sometimes they are a bit media over kill but you are right. Like the positive. X

  2. Seems we all have some strange food phobias *lol*

  3. oohh, I would love to make candles, I must look into it. I take the lazy option and buy them but I really love them:) I also hate peppers *gags* Jen

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