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Snow – Sensible or Over-Protective Parent?

It’s only November, but this is the worst snow that I can remember as an adult.  I remember snow like this when I was a child, and that was pretty special for me.  All this snow is pretty special for my children as well, because they have never seen snow like this before. 

I am not talking a few inches on the ground.  I am talking the lab up to her neck in it and the cat refusing to go out because he disappears in it.   I have had to dig out two trenches, one for the cat and one for the dog to get out to the toilet.  The photos were from yesterday when the snow was about 7 inches less than it is today.   My camera is away with youngest son for the day, and hopefully he takes some pictures with it, but I won’t hold my breath.

I have fantastic memories of out sledging as a child, wearing only jeans and trainers, and being frozen to the bone, but refusing to give up.  How on earth we didn’t end up with frostbite I have no idea.

Togging up my own children, I have them wearing three layers under a huge jacket.  On top of that, I plant them with hats, gloves, waterproof and padded trousers, and furry lined boots to keep out the chill. 

And I am STILL worrying about whether they are warm enough outside in the snow.  

Eldest yesterday brought home a friend in the afternoon who was wearing only trainers and a pair of joggers and had been out for most of the day.  This is a child who seems to be fur coat and no knickers.  He has all the latest electronic gadgets and fashion junk, but school clothes that fit, and sensible footwear don’t seem to exist.

This child ends up in our TV room, and really cold, he phones his mum for a lift.  She says she will try and get out for him.  He tells her that his feet are freezing and that they are sore.  She still only says that she will try and come for him.  He then gets worried and asks, well, what will I do?  Obviously he was stressed out about the thought of putting back on his wet things and having to walk a mile in them. 

I would have dug out and defrosted my car and taken him home if push come to shove, and she did eventually appear in her car for him.  It does make me wonder if I am too over protective of my children though.  I remember having to cope with similar situations as a teen, but my mother did not have a car, and I wouldn’t have been expected to walk home alone in the dark, at night, in the snow.

It doesn’t change my mind though about making sure my children are warm, dry, comfortable and safe, and yes, it might toughen up kids to make them fend for themselves, but I can’t help wondering at what cost.

7 thoughts on “Snow – Sensible or Over-Protective Parent?

  1. I tend to think if I am cold, my kids are cold. My father goes on and on about kids having something called brown cells that keep them warm and I should stop overdressing them. We just stocked up on long underwear this weekend and the girls are happy to ear it. (PS–my hubby is Scottish)

    1. The older the kids get, the better they seem to be at putting on warmer clothes, and then you see the teens out and about who have gone back to the minimalistic route. Funnily enough my mum goes on about the brown cells as well.

  2. I’m an over-protective parent so I don’t blame you one bit. You care. And that’s what kids need. To be honest, I don’t think some parents think about their children enough, for fear of not being able to think about themselves.

    CJ xx

    1. Thanks. Feeling better about trussing up my kids like turkeys to go out in the snow.

  3. It’s hard to imagine how bad things are there as we have had nothing here as yet (West Midlands) apart from frost! I agree though, I have many happy memories of playing out in the snow all day as a child with wet trousers, socks and gloves and yet today I am so concerned about either of my two being out for longer than an hour in those conditions!

    1. It feels wierd doesn’t it. I know there were so few things children could wear when I was young in comparison to now, but I feel as if i am making too much of it sometimes. Can’t help it though. I used to love snow as a child. Amazing how much all children do.

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