Princes Breakfast Box Giveaway – Closes 15th October

If you are part of the blogger circuit, you may have seen the posts with the hastag #princesbrekkie.   It is all about eating healthier, and making breakfast part of our five a day.  Princes chose some families and sent us a box full of goodies.

In the box was a USB stick with some recipes that we could use with the tins of fruit that we had received.    Princes recipes have lots of ideas for what we can do to reach our five-a-day.  Fruit and vegetables are thought to be one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre, helping us all to stay healthy.

We chose to make the peach muffins but we doubled the recipe and added pears as well.  In the picture the muffins look burned, but they really were not.  Sadly there are none left to retake another one to show off to you, as they were demolished by the boys very quickly.

We also made the peach and orange smoothie but again, doubled the recipe and as I had used the peaches in the muffins, we made the smoothie with pineapple and fruit cocktail.  We were planning having muffins and smoothie for breakfast the next morning and I was about to put the smoothie in the fridge, but the boys over ruled me, and it was eaten for Sunday tea.   They loved the new place mats and we had the candle burning well into the night.  Thank you Princes, we had a lovely afternoon making new things.


I have teamed up with Princes to offer you one of these breakfast boxes to help you take the stress out of the morning routine.

 Princes prides itself on offering good value, great quality food that the family can enjoy. From canned fruit for your cereal to pure fruit juices for a refreshing morning drink, pack your cupboards with these trusty Princes products and you can whip up a healthy, delicious breakfast in minutes.

The Princes breakfast box includes a set of six bowls and six tumblers, table placemats, an alarm clock, a colouring book to entertain the kids, a relaxing candle for the mums, money-off coupons and, of course, a range of Princes canned fruit – including grapefruit segments, peach slices, pear halves, fruit cocktail, pineapple chunks and mandarin segments – and Princes pure juices.

To be in a chance of winning the breakfast box

  • Leave me a comment to say which fruit you like from the Princes website by the 15th October, and make sure you leave contact details in your comment
  • Pass on the competition to your online friends by tweeting  or messaging.
    “Win a #princesbrekkie breakfast box with @scottish_mum”

If you don’t claim your prize by the 18th October I will redraw another winner by a random generator.

Good Luck


  1. Ian Campbell says

    Peach slices in syrup is my favourite. Lovely and sweet :)

    I’ve retweeted the competition message, and my Twitter username is @Ianthesunlover

  2. Bry Cannon says

    I occasionally crave Princes pilchards in tomato sauce – reminds me of being pregnant!
    re-tweeted as @gillsker. thanks!

  3. Clementina says

    Pineapple. Defo pineapple. Whenever I’m craving anything sweet, a pineapple takes the edge away. Delicious. You sure it’s one of our 5 a day??? LOL :)

  4. zjkellett says

    I love pineapple chunks in juice. I leave them in the fridge when I’m on a diet and just eat some when I want a snack.

  5. Jane Willis says

    Princes pineapple slices in juice – they are so versatile because you can use them in sweet or savoury dishes or eat them on their own. And unlike fresh pineapple, they don’t stop jelly from setting.
    Have tweeted @janesgrapevine

  6. Emma in Bromley says

    Lovely comp! Muffins looked great – I’ve never tried tin fruit in muffins so thank you for the inspiration! My fave is fruit cocktail – my nan used to give me that with ice cream! – my sisters and I used to fight over who got the cherry! I’ve tweeted too @Beachpebble xx

  7. Adele Hill says

    My favourite has to be Princes Tinned Peaches. I t reminds me of being a kid and havingpeaches and cream for desert.
    tweet as @compaddicted

  8. Anne B says

    Love Princes Mandarin Segments, delicious with custard, ice-cream, breakfast cereal, in smoothies, on their own…

    Following and tweeting @tralingar

  9. Rachael Woodcock says

    My favourite of Princes prouducts are the Tinned Pears. They are fantastic blended up with natural yougurt and my whole family love it!
    Thanks x

  10. Lee says

    I adore the pineapple chunks, they taste so fresh and yummy.
    They make excellent pinapple cake and taste yum with strawberry jelly or angel delight :)

  11. Kate Cunningham says

    Princes Pineapple chunks are lovely and so convenient already chopped and ready to serve.

  12. Jane Willis says

    My all time favourite is pineapple slices in juice – they are so versatile and can be used in sweet or savoury dishes.

    I’ve tweeted @janesgrapevine


    My favourite has to be Princes Tinned Pears. Love them with some custard. Yummy!!! ( Thanks xoxo

  14. mi_shmash says

    I love peaches … a tin of peaches reminds me of a Sunday with my nan, pancakes and peaches and I used to drink the juice… mmmmmm mi_shmash

  15. wendy stanger (@kikicomp) says

    I love the Grapefruit Segments in Juice lovely for breakfast with some yogurt:) @kikicomp

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